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5 Basic Marketing Mediums Startups Must Consider

The most important part of any new business is marketing. If people don’t know you exist, how are they supposed to visit your business? From the moment your business has an opening date, marketing and advertising should be a major part of your focus and your budget.

But how do you make your services stand out? What will draw people in?

You can do classic advertising techniques, and they will certainly give you decent results. However, expanding the types of marketing you use and how you use these strategies will have a much greater impact on your business.

Here are just a few suggestions to get started with 5 basic marketing mediums which are highly result oriented:

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1 – LED Signs

Nothing catches someone’s eye the way bright lights do. Renting or buying outdoor LED display screens is one way to use that to your advantage. You can find them in small, window-sized displays or massive street corner screens. Depending on your budget, location, and type of business, the type of screen you use is up to you.

However, the bright lights combined with the large display command attention in public. You’ll establish a greater local presence with LED signs.

2 – Interesting Business Cards

Some people think business cards are a thing of the past, but if you use them right, they can be quite successful. All you need to do is create an engaging design.

Whether you go for a shape other than a rectangle, a bold color, minimalistic designs, or some other creative idea, make it something new.

A good business card is one that others want to keep in their wallet and pull out for a rainy day. Have them on hand and ready to give to potential customers or to leave at shops, if you’re allowed.

3 – Social Media

We live in the age of social media. By now, everyone who has internet access uses it. Integrate social media platforms into your campaign. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are still the world’s top social media sites. Lots of businesses – including startups – use social media to spread the word about their brand.

Consider hiring a social media manager who can dedicate their time specifically to building your following and catering to your business’s accounts. Create engaging posts with multimedia to engage your audience. They will be sure to remember you and share with friends if you hook them with captivating visuals and a great deal on products they need.

4 – Have a Cause

While you may be a young business, and this is certainly a risk, supporting a cause that’s important to you and related to your business could be a major benefit to your company.

The world has a lot of different charities that need support. If you are particularly passionate about something, or there is a cause that aligns with your business, consider showing public support.

5 – Make Connections

Connect yourself with other businesses that are already established or even other new businesses. Partnerships can be mutually beneficial to the success of your companies.

Work with others that have some sort of relation to your services, although not necessarily direct competitors. Think of all the major corporations that have collaborated. Do some networking and find other companies who would be willing to allow you to advertise or have connections with them to gain some of their audience.


Marketing does not just have to be billboards and print ads, although those are absolutely helpful. Using a variety of advertising and marketing strategies, you can quickly spread the word about your new startup with just a few simple steps. Whether you go for the bright lights or simple networking, it’s all about your branding and letting people know what makes your company shine.

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