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5 Basics of Online Marketing Every Startup Should be Taking Care of

Promoting your brand online is a necessity in today’s digital economy; as marketing a start up with a minimum budget to appreciate innovation is highly incredible. The scarcity of resources helps you to give another angle to your creativity to and present your idea to the world. There are lots of ways with which you can advertise your brand on the online forum, however, most of the first time entrepreneurs end up wasting a lot of money, just because they miss the basics.

Remember, that the heavy amounts required to be spent on Google and Facebook ads are not mandatory, and there are tens of free options you may even exploit ethically. Rather than going with the flow, think out of the box and consider following basics to bring your start up in the limelight:

1- Share your basic motive with all: Develop an interesting narrative as a first priority. Share the idea that helped you to get on with your business and how your concept of business is different from that of your competitors to arouse an interest regarding your business in the minds of the people. Start sharing it with the people you know, i.e. friends and family and request them to share it further, and as you see your message going far, you may use low cost methods to push it further, i.e. hiring a freelance social media expert, spending little on Facebook ads or sponsoring an industry related newsletter.

2- Do not focus only on selling rather try to engage the customers: Back at your mind your main motive may be just selling the product but you should also involve in discussions that makes your customers as the important part and not the product.

Try to engage the customers in your demography rather than just trying to advertise and flaunt your brand. Ask them questions about the product, involve them and appreciate their feedback!

3- Carve a niche and build industry credibility: Help the tentative customers or the outsiders to probe into the inner aspect of your business. Give them an insight view of your business. Blogging can be a great way to do so, i.e. a well written blog post can help you in making your business to be understood by the outsiders. Doing it yourself can be time consuming, so better is to get it done by professional writers. You can find such at WritingCheap. Networking and sharing your expertise with others can help you to prove your abilities to your community. This can create awareness regarding your business in the market.

4- Help people discover your content: As business goes up on an online platform you need to register you presence on the online forum. A web page, a website, social media pages or blog is essential, but at the same time you also need to take SEO into consideration, so that people find you organically. Your websites loading speed should also be incredible so that it is easy to access. With each post regarding your business make sure to use keywords apt to your niche. Using hyper targeted words to enhance your social media presence will also be a good option.

5- Send out exciting coupons and offers: Coupons and offers are a definite driving force increasing the sales. Rather half the turnover is from offers and coupons. It will benefit you in two ways; firstly it will welcome outsiders to join your business and the existing customers will be touched by your efforts to thank them by means of coupons and offers. Whatever the case may be it will be a win situation for you as it will increase your sales.


Get going to give wings to your start up business by following these tips of promoting their business online and I am sure, you should already be on a growth track!

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