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5 Benefits of Using Roll-up Banners for Your Startup

Roll up banners, a.k.a. pull up stands and pop up banner stands can take your startup to the next level faster if used effectively. These useful marketing materials can not only educate your prospects through a brief insight of the products and service you offer but can also urge them to try and buy!

A common misconception about roll-up banners is that they are useful only in trade shows, however, you can use them in a variety of ways in order to accelerate your marketing campaigns. For instance:

  • Places where people stand in queues.
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms in your premises.
  • Waiting rooms of other businesses, i.e. a banner stand exhibiting your cosmetics in the waiting area of a salon.
  • Conferences, seminars, and other events.
  • For in-store promotions.
  • As a promotional material in the premises of strategic partners.

Well, the above are just the most common uses, you can think of unlimited ways to use roll-up banners depending upon your marketing strategy and the product line. And there’s no denying the fact that this type of marketing material is a great way not just to promote products and services in events, but also to make an impact with customers in the store.

The reason for a roll up banners to be so useful is having a lot of benefits and here I will discuss the top 5 benefits of using roll-up banners for your startup marketing.

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1- Quick & Easy to Assemble:

Unlike other types of banners, the popup banner stands are extremely easy to assemble and anyone in your office can do it on the go. So, if you have an upcoming marketing campaign that requires maximum impact in low cost and less time, roll up banner is the right choice. You may want to check for more details at Foam Core Printing where you can find optimum quality at best price and fast turnaround.

2- Perfectly Mobile:

You can dissemble these banner-stands easily and as they are light weight, they can be carried anywhere without any hassle, i.e. you can transport them in your car and can carry by hand through an exhibition hall. So, you can use them at any spot where you feel they can generate an impact, without involving any technical staff for installations. Moreover, the popup stands are easy to store and won’t require much space, so you can store them in your office and reuse when required.

3- Greater Impact from Little Space:

Whether you plan to use a part of your shop to display advertisements or you are buying a space outside, it will have a price. So, being a startup on a tight budget, the ideal option is something that creates huge impact while using a little space and what else can do it better than a roll up banner?

4- The Permanency that No Other Advertising Option Comes with:

Unlike other types of advertising, i.e. a TV/newspaper/radio ad, or a flyer, the roll up banners tend to have a longer life. You can use these banners over and over, again and again, provided that the message is evergreen and is not time specific. The value of money that is delivered by roll up banners is relatively better than all other options.

5- The affordability:

If you have not explored the banner stands marketing in detail so far, you must be surprised to know that a quality banner stand is less expensive than you can think of. Prices may go higher if you plan to have ad-ons like lighting systems and merchandising capabilities, but the basic banner stands remain one of the most economical displays advertising options.

The Bottom Line:

Pop up banner stands are great for startups and small businesses with a limited marketing budget to make an intense impact in exhibitions, trade show or in within your own premises. Do consider the option when devising your startup marketing plan and you will certainly have a better ROI.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.