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5 Best Business Schools in Georgia, United States

Everyone wants to excel in their career, have better job security and opportunities, a reputable status in the industry they work in, and maybe even have the leisure of choosing different career paths whenever they like. Pursuing business studies is the best way for any professional to increase their worth in the industry, make connections and learn exceptional skills that are widely applicable in almost all industries; may it be technology, banking, stockbroking etc.
Georgia is known for its exceptional educational institutes. With world-renowned universities (like Georgia Institute of Technology), Georgia is one of the most prominent hubs of education around the globe. When it comes to business schools, Georgia does not disappoint. With a long list of exceptional business schools, Georgia produces well equipped and adept business professionals all year round.

On the basis of their acceptance rate, quality of education and the provided facilities, following are the top five business schools in Georgia.

1- Terry College of Business:

Located in Athens, Georgia; the C.Herman and Mary Virginia Terry College of Business is a part of the University of Georgia. Top-ranked on the basis of many factors, including an affordable tuition fee, a relatively high acceptance rate and one of the best job placement rate. It offers full-time MBA along with four other master’s degrees. It also offers executive and professional MBA programs in Atlanta.

It is nationally ranked at a respectable number 4 when it comes to business school rankings. Keeping all of this in mind, along with the institute’s heritage and the provided facilities and culture, Terry College of business is definitely the No.1 business school in Georgia.

2- Scheller College of Business:

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Located in Atlanta, Georgia; the Scheller College of Business is a part of Georgia Institute of Technology (aka Georgia Tech.) which itself is one of the most renowned institutes globally. The Scheller College of Business is ranked amongst the top 35 business schools nationwide, consistently.

The annual fee of the institute is acceptable, with an above average acceptance rate and high job placement, the Scheller College of Business, along with all of its facilities and quirks is ranked number 2 in this list of the top business schools in Georgia. The college offers undergraduate business administration programs along with a full-time MBA program.

3- Goizueta Business School:

Located in Atlanta, Georgia; the Goizueta Business School is part of the Emory University. It is also known as the Emory Business School or simply Goizueta. The college is amongst the top-ranked business schools in America. It is currently ranked number 32 nationwide. The annual tuition of the college is rather pricey, however, the acceptance rate is relatively high with one of the highest job placement rates nationwide.

Apart from this, the college provides exceptional facilities to its students. It offers an undergraduate program of business administration, and also offers full-time MBA, Evening MBA, Executive MBA and Executive Education programs along with a PhD in business.

4- J. Mack Robinson College of Business:

Located in Atlanta, Georgia; the J. Mack Robinson College of Business is a part of the Georgia State University and is one of Georgia State’s six colleges. It has a 52% acceptance rate and a high rate of job placement, with a relatively affordable tuition fee.

Apart from this the high quality of extravagant facilities provided by the college make it amongst the most sought-after institutes worldwide and among the top 4 in Georgia. It offers a vast number of courses, some of which include the Flex MBA for early-stage professionals and Executive MBA for experienced professionals.

5- Coles College of Business:

Located in Kennesaw, Georgia; Coles College of Business is a part of Kennesaw State University and is known to produce world-class business professionals. Coles is the third largest business school in the state of Georgia. Its programs are top ranked globally, with its online MBA ranked number 1 in Georgia and 7th worldwide.

The acceptance rate and job placement are high and the tuition is slightly high. The programs offered include an undergraduate BBA program, an online MBA, full-time MBA, online MBA and an Executive MBA.

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