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5 Best Business Schools in Indiana, United States

A Midwestern state of USA, Indiana is known for its farmland and renowned auto race. Just like other states in US, here as well, students after high school have a hard time in finding a college which suits them best. What to do? Where to go? Am I taking the right decision or my decision would be worth it?

These are the question an average student has in mind. Don’t worry, if you have decided to pursue business studies as your professional career, we have 5 best colleges you can go to while staying in Indiana.

1- Located at Main Building Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame is the best business school you can find in Indiana. Not only this, it is the 16th best college in the whole USA! But it isn’t over yet, this institute is ranked No. 1 as the best colleges for Religious Studies in America and also as the best Catholic college in America, plus 3rd best college for Accounting and Finance in America!

Finance being the most popular major, it has 285 graduates in the respective field. It has an annual fees of $26,683 but surprisingly all the freshman in this university are living on campus. However, it is not easy to get in this college since the acceptance ratio is as low as 19%!

2- Being the 9th best college for a party, Indiana University is the second best university you can find at Indiana Ave Bloomington. This university has about 1,514 graduates in Business which is the most popular major here and has fees of on $12,621 per year! Apart from business side, it is the 11th best college for Information Technology in America.

With an acceptance rate of 79%, it has graduation rate of 76% and 84% of students feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation but no freshman live on campus.

3- With an annual fees of $33,290, Butler University is one of the expensive private college you can find in the state and is the third best business school you can find. The good thing is that they do offer evening classes and you don`t need to pay any application fees to apply in this college.

Being located at Sunset Ave Indianapolis, almost 97% of the freshman live on campus and 95% of students agree that professors put a lot of effort in inculcating the concepts in students. Marketing is one of the most popular major and acceptance rate for this college is 79%.

4- Being the fourth best business college, Purdue University is the not only the cheapest with an annual fees of $11,693 per year but is also the 15th best big college in America and 16th top public university in America! Business Administration and Management is most popular major with around 1,138 graduates and 93% of students feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation.

This college has an acceptance rate of 56% but it also offers some majors related to technology and is also the 14th best college in America for Information Technology.

5- Last but not the least, Taylor University is the fifth best business college you can find in Indiana. The best part of this university is that it has no application fees and requires least SAT score (950-1250) in the state. Not only this, it has the highest acceptance rate of 80% and demands annual fees of $25,429.

According to some stats, 96% of students feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation and 99% freshman live on campus while being located at Reade Avenue Upland.

The Bottom Line:
Above given are the best universities you can find in the region of Indiana, but the fact remains that only one has to be chosen among them. However, all the information about these universities can help you decide what suits you the best according to finances, faculty and environment.

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