5 Best Business Schools in Missouri, United States

Everyone in this world has a dream of becoming something. Some want to be a doctor, an engineer, a physicist or somewhere in business but after pursuing for the dream career the hardest decision one faces in the best college they can get enrolled in to.

Lack of career counselling leads to bright students going to the institutions which are not very well recognized. Same way business students have a hard time finding institution but today you are going to know 5 of the best business schools in Missouri.

1- One the best college for business opting students in Missouri is Washington University in St. Louis. It is one of those colleges which has lowest acceptance rate of 17% and highest SAT requirement with score ranging from 1400-1570. Out of 1,411 colleges in America, this college is awarded as the college with best campuses. That is the reason why all the freshman in this college live on campus.

Located at One Brookings Drive, it is a private institute which demands an annual fee of $28,824. Best thing about this college is that it has the highest graduation rate among all the other colleges around the state. Phycology is the most popular major in the college with almost 178 graduates. It is also one of those colleges that has lowest student faculty ratio.

2- With an application fees of $0, Saint Louis University is the second best college in the state. Business Administration and Management is the most popular major with highest number of graduates in the college.

Having an acceptance rate of 65%, almost 92% of the freshman choose to live on campus in this college. However, it is one the most expensive private college in the state with a demand of $33,222 per annum. A poll was carried out which resulted that 84% of students felt confident that they will find the job in their field after graduation.

3- Having highest number of graduates in a single major namely business in state number 704, University of Missouri is the third best business college someone can opt for. It is a public university with an acceptance rate of 75% and demanding fees of $16,317 annually. However, being located at 105 Jesse Hall Columbia, something new about this college is that no freshman lives on campus.

Applying to this college, you can`t take any early decisions or actions during the application processing. It has a graduation rate of 68%, 85% of students feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation.

4- Missouri University of Sciences and Technology is fourth best university a business student can opt for. Although it is a science university but it also offers Industrial and Engineering management in the business field in which they have almost 61 graduates.

The best part of this institution is that, according to a poll conducted about 98% of students feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation. With an acceptance rate of 79% and annual fees of $13,874, it is the cheapest and the one with highest acceptance rate in the state.

5- Located at Rockhurst road Kansas City and with 86% of the freshman living on campus, Rockhurst University is the fifth best university in Missouri. It is one of those colleges which require lowest SAT range of 986-1166 along with an acceptance ratio of 74%.

Although having an annual fees of $23,753, all the students in this college agree that professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes and also they feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation.

The Bottom Line:
Although these colleges are best in their regard in different matters, but choosing only one is what really matters. Although the information we got is sufficient enough to decide where to go but one must decide what suits him the best, which place he thinks can bring him close to his dreams and fulfill his desires.