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5 Best Business Schools in New Jersey, United States

If you believe in the power of education then you must believe education in all its different forms. Business education is only a subset of education as a whole that influences jobs, incomes, and opportunities for personal enterprise and development on a very large scale. It also has a significant effect not only on the standard of living and quality of life, but also on the environment in which people live. Thus, rendering business studies as one of the most crucial studies in today’s time, especially when you aspire to follow an entrepreneurial path.

The state of New Jersey is well known for its beautiful beaches, busy roads, great food, intense politics, and diverse culture but that’s not all. New Jersey houses some of the world’s top ranked business institutes that provides the best business graduates to the market.

If you’re in search for a business school in New Jersey, you’ve come to the right place. In this article post we will be sharing with you five top of the line best business schools in New Jersey along with the major factors that need to be considered while choosing the right business school for you!

1- Stevens Institute of Technology
Institute of technology for a business college recommendation? Sounds weird, right? Well the school is ranked second for business studies in the nation. The School of Business at Stevens is one of the most popular schools in NJ with an acceptance rate of 39 percent. It focuses on a cross-disciplinary approach to education. The institute offers a variety of business related undergraduate and graduate courses and PH.D. in business administration.

The school has also been awarded the “Best Career Placement” in 2018 and ranked number 1 in the Northeast for salary potential. The academics are really important while choosing your program and that’s why the institute has a 10:1 student faculty ratio but along with that, Stevens Institute of Technology provides plenty of activities outside of the classrooms, for student enjoyment which is also necessary.

2- Rutgers University
Rutgers Business School has 3 campuses Newark, New Brunswick and Camden and has been ranked as one of the best for Return on Investment, making it one of the best institutes in NJ! I personally feel that the business school alumni network is quite a factor when it comes to choosing where to study. Alumni can help their students to find work, often at their own firms and that is why Rutgers global alumni is an extremely strong network of 40,000+ individuals.

Rutgers offers a variety of business career options in undergraduate and graduate courses. Interestingly, in 2016 it was ranked as number 5 in the world for its undergraduate Supply Chain Management Program. It also offers full time, part time and executive MBA with the best possible reputation, ranking, and location.

3- University of Rochester

University of Rochester has been ranked 12th best college for education in America. Its Simon Business School is well known for its MBA and MS programs. It offers Executive, part time and full time MBA courses. It has been ranked 13th for top MBAs for Women in the US. Simon Business School focuses on uncovering the patterns that motivate and drive markets.

The university has an acceptance rate of 36 percent and has a 10 to 1 student faculty ratio. Apart from classes Simon Business School is well known for instilling the right leadership skills in you and appreciates the approach of learning by acting upon.

4- The College of New Jersey

With a 49% acceptance rate The College of New Jersey Business School offers various courses such as Economics, Finance, Management, Global Business etc. The college’s approach is to challenge students to analyze and imagine enabling them to find solutions that create value for a company and its community.

The college has been ranked 19th best out of 484 colleges for criminal justice. Keeping the importance of academics in mind, TCNJ has a student faculty ratio of 13:1. This allows students to grasp better knowledge and forms a stronger student-faculty bond.

5- Rowan University
Rowan University has an acceptance rate of an amazing 71 percent! It offers a vast rang of undergraduate and graduate courses in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain and Logistic and many more. It also offers online, full time, part time and hybrid MBA.

Beyond the class room student organizations complement classroom learning in a social way in the form of societies.

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