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5 Best Business Schools in Tennessee, United States

As a residence of Tennessee, if you have come to a point of enlightening your future with college life, and that also specifically with a business school life, so keep reading further. There are many factors which help one decide which is the best college for them considering the acceptance rate, tuition fees and etc.
No doubt, everyone wants to go into the best college, but you have no idea what are the best few options you have. Remember, that the choice of right business schools is essential not just to find a good job, but even when you want to start your own business, it’s the college network that gives a boost to your business idea!

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Well the best part is if you are a business student, we have 5 best colleges you can choose while you are in Tennessee.

1- Located at North Parkway Memphis, Rhodes College is best among the colleges you can find in Tennessee. With a lowest acceptance rate of 54%, it asks you to pay $29,839 annually for your fees. Despite this, 96% of the freshman live on campus with Business Administration and Management among them which has almost 77 graduates.

Well the best part of this college is that if you will apply for it, you won`t be charged with anything. Yes you heard it right, despite being a private institute the application fee is totally FREE!  Another good thing about this institute is that 92% of students are employed 2 years after graduation.

2- Being one the best public university in the state, University of Tennessee is second business school you can find there. It is one the cheapest college you can find in Tennessee demanding only $20,780 annually. However there is no freshman live on campus in this university. But the show of this institute is not over yet, it has highest number of graduate’s almost 328 in the field of Logistics and Chain Management in Tennessee.

Having an acceptance rate of 77% it is the 20th best college in America for athletics. Almost 85% of students feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation.

3- With a highest acceptance rate of 81%, Belmont University is the third best business college you can find. Out of 133, it is the 32th best college you can find for music in America and Music Management is one of the popular majors with about 261 graduates.

However, it is one of the expensive college demanding around $34,678 annually but despite that, all the freshman live in the campus while located at Belmont Blvd Nashville. Around 80% of students agree that professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes.

4- Union University is the fourth best business college you can find which is located at Dr Jackson. It is ranked with the 5th best college dorms in America and 48th best college for religious studies in America. The best thing about this university is that 91% of students agree that it is easy to get the classes they want and it also provides with the facility of evening classes.

Business Administration and Management is one of the popular majors in business field with about 128 graduates. However, it`s acceptance rate is 63% and demands a fees of $25,759 annually.

5- Being another college that offers evening program, Lipscomb University is the fifth best business school you can find. Located at One University Park Drive Nashville, it is ranked as the 35th best university according to its location. Accounting is the most popular major among business subjects with around 40 graduates.

Well the best part is 87% of students feel confident they will find a job in their field after graduation while 90% of students agree that professors put a lot of effort into teaching their classes. Not only this, with an acceptance rate of 61%. This university requires the lowest SAT score range (990-1268) among the top universities in Tennessee.

These are the best universities you can find but the fact is only one has to be chosen among them. However, all the information about these universities can help you decide what suits you the best according to finances and environment.

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