5 Best Practices for a Highly Effective Postcard Marketing Campaign

In many areas, you’ll notice that the technological and digital age is taking over. While that may be the case, direct mail continues to stick through it all. People love getting mail whether it’s personalized, relevant, or even valuable.

We all get bills but that’s now what we are looking forward to. Every year, direct mail continues to successfully climb the markets. It manages to stay on top even with the other digital methods on the rise.

You should know that postcards can be cost-efficient, and yet they make a powerful impact. A postcard can make a great addition to many direct mail services. Businesses can utilize them into an incredible targeting approach. If you chose not to include postcards in your marketing strategies, you’d really be missing out.

Companies should look to engage their customers through multiple channels and platforms. In a way, it’s a quick efficient ticket to boosting the company’s response rate. Direct mail services open a clear path to success for many reasons. Not only can you personalize your target audience, but you can bring whole new energy to the table.

With an effective direct mail marketing plan in place, you’d be executing a new solid marketing strategy that can change in a positive way. This article will focus on how effectively you can utilize the post cards in direct mail to make most out of the campaigns.

1- Take A Vivid Word Approach

In many ways, wordplay can come in handy through any business strategy. If you use vivid words, you can give your audience a clear way to visualize that’s being said. This is a great way of keeping them engaged in the message you’re trying to spread.

Take a jump at painting a vivid picture that can attack all of their senses in a positive matter. For instance, offer a certain % off coupon code right on the post card.

Also make them feel like they tasting what’s being described or traveling to the described location. Creating that lively factor can be beneficial in more ways than one. Keep it to where the audience you are focused on will always remember who you are and what your brand is.

Getting a strategic partner onboard and having them part of your post card campaign can also be a great ideas. For instance, use the coupon code on the post card in your next online or offline purchase and enter a lucky draw to win a trip to XYZ place, sponsored by the “strategic partner”.

2- Specific Target Mailing

One critical factor for every marketing campaign is your personalization. You may be using the direct mail method, but personalization will always be key. The message you’re looking to send should always get through to the recipients.

You’ll avoid wasting money sending to those who are more likely not to make a purchase. Sending post cards to those who will be a good fit for your business is the key to increase both sales and profits dramatically.

3- Straightforward/Simple Design

It may not seem like the way to go, but there are tons of audiences out there that are looking for simplicity. We live in a world of digital chaos, instability, complexity, and other aspects. In order to keep the message simple and short, consider using a simple layout.

Keep things straightforward while drawing the perfect image for your audience. Use technology where possible, i.e. QR codes etc. Remember, you can always use the offline mediums effectively to drive users to your online portal.

4- Utilize An Active Voice

Always look to build excitement, you never want something to be dull and boring. Make your words come alive to your readers to keep them engaged. It’s more efficient and direct when you’re writing in an active voice. It’s also easier to read active content being that the vagueness isn’t there. Talking in a passive voice isn’t as useful as talking in an active voice.

5-Stand Out To The Crowd

Postcards already boast some of the best return on investment for direct mail marketing. Although, if you add in a few more critical aspects, you will make a positive jump in the direct mail market. It’s been proven that larger postcards draw up a higher conversation rate with audiences.

Concluding it all

No matter, how tech savvy people become, they still live in a real world where tangible marketing materials can have a powerful impact on their choices. However, the success rate depends largely on how effectively you run a campaign. I hope, the above ideas will help you in devising a result oriented direct mail campaign.