5 Cool Project Management Tools That Skyrocket Efficiency

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No matter what kind of business you run—or at what scale—efficiency is among your top priorities. Besides streamlining your task list and alleviating headaches, revamping your efficiency standards and processes can make a serious impact on your revenue (for the better).

If you’re on the lookout for some tools that can bring organization, peace of mind, and synergy to your operations, look no further. In this post, we’ll take a look at 5 cool project management tools that span industries and project scales to help you find one (or more) that might make sense for you.

1- Time Saving Tools

No matter what your work setting looks like, odds are you or your employees struggle with a little thing called “time management.” Who can blame you, though? With all of the distractions of the internet—social media, emails, news—it’s hard to stay focused for your entire work day.

If you’re looking for a way to identify how much time you or your staff are wasting online, maybe it’s time to install a time-saving app. This way, you can not only figure out where your time is going, but you can also find actionable ways to change it and make your operations more efficient.

Time management and tracking tools are essential for anyone that bills their time hourly such as marketers, contractors, artists, or lawyers.

2- On-the-go Route Planning and Strategy

Whether you’re running a global shipping service or launching a local food delivery application, travel efficiency should be at the top of your priority list for many reasons.

  1. Gas is expensive: longer routes mean more money.
  2. Driver safety is important: safe directions are priceless.
  3. Fast delivery is key: your customers expect it!

Many large companies use TMS software (also known as “transportation management software”) to help them strategize safe and efficient routes for their drivers, which ultimately translates to happier clients and better profit margins. If you’re a smaller scale delivery service, you might not need a major software program to do this, but as you grow, you’ll need to be much more thoughtful about how your business structures delivery routes, pickups, and dropoffs.

3- CRM Software Makes it Simple

Just about every business, no matter what the size, uses a customer relationship management system these days. Here’s why:

  1. It’s an easy way to keep track of your contacts
  2. You can automate messages and appointments
  3. Each member of your staff can log in and use the system as needed

If you’re in the service and repair industry though, CRMs become even more important to your business’s efficiency. With so many appointments, follow-ups, and employees to keep track of, you need to have a system that helps you keep up with the chaos. A home and commercial service software system has many uses that can support your operations, such as appointment scheduling, call recording, and marketing. The less time you spend on these menial tasks means more time spent growing your business…

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4- Calendars are the Cornerstone of Efficiency

Simple as they are, calendars are a staple in organizational processes. How we use calendars now compared to fifty years ago has certainly changed, but they’re still an invaluable tool to help you maintain your to-do list. In fact, online calendars and task management systems are even more helpful now than the pen and paper version we used years ago. Many systems can now send you automated reminders, track project progress, and even help you celebrate milestones as you check off line items on your task list. If you’re ready to ramp up your organizational skills, check out some of these popular calendar applications:

  • Asana is easy to use and can help you breakdown all the tasks involved with big projects
  • Basecamp has a well-reviewed mobile app that keeps you connected while you’re on-the-go
  • Casual is the ideal platform for visual learners since it allows you to transform projects into visually inspiring flowcharts

5- Employee Management Software Saves the Day

Running your payroll, scheduling time off, and keeping track of employee files can be a complicated and time-consuming task. If you’re looking for a repository for all staff-related information and tasks, a human resources program may be just up your alley—especially if you’re a medium to large company. This resource allows you to spend more time actually managing your staff and boosting profitability rather than locating paperwork, sending reminders, etc. Alongside such software, there are also effective mass-communication apps that can help quickly update employees across the board, especially when they may not be at their desks.

Final Notes

If you’re searching for ways to get organized, re-inspired, or more productive, use these tips to help you find your way!

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