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5 Cool Ways to Prepare Your Office for Employees Returning to Work

A lot of companies may prefer work from home policy even in the post-Covid times, but not all the industries can work in their full capacity with work from home policy. Governments are also relaxing the lockdowns to keep the economies alive and a lot of companies have already started welcoming their employees back to the physical workplace while many are in the process of preparing for the return.

If your business is also preparing to resume a physical workplace, the first step is to make sure you are following the WHO guidelines to reopen the business. In case if you have more than 25 employees it’s better to consider having a team responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the return to work plan.

If you are reading these lines, you might already have read tens of articles about health and safety measures for reopening the workplace. But a hygienic and safe workplace alone might not be enough when reopening after a long pause.

With the uncertainty all around, everyone is going through a traumatic situation. So, employees’ both physical and mental health should be considered equally. People when they return to the workplace should feel safe, relaxed, productive and energized.

Not all of your employees may be self-motivated, so you have to take few steps to make the workplace vibrant and welcoming for them so they regain their energies that they have lost being in the lockdown for weeks and months.

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This article will discuss five cool ways to prepare your office for employees returning to work.

1- Natural Lighting & Ventilation

Good lighting is one of the most important elements of a productive workplace and since natural lighting is always the best, you should consider making most out of it.

Moreover, increased circulation of outdoor air by opening windows and doors if possible, and using fans is highly recommended by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

Natural light and air will not only help you create a healthy workplace, but it will save you significant overhead costs and will have a positive impact on employee’s overall mental health and wellbeing.

2- Adding Plants

Potted plants can transform an ordinary office into a highly productive and healthier workplace. You can use the plants to separate spaces and encourage social distancing in a natural way. But most importantly, plants can help your employees be more productive as they significantly help reduce stress.

Plants also help in providing clean and better quality air, reducing noise levels, aiding in creativity and making the workplace an attractive place.

3- Ping Pong Table

Having a sporting activity at workplace greatly contributes to increasing workplace productivity, but not many sporting activities can be incorporated due to Covid safety measures.

Ping Pong table can, however, be a smart addition to your workplace. According to Ping Pong ETC, these tables are usually 10 feet or longer which allows employees to interact with each other while keeping a safe distance.

4- Personalized Space

Everyone has their own style and taste when it comes to décor. Encouraging your team to decorate their space as they want can be a great way to ignite their creativity. Especially on their return to the workplace after a long time, it is a must. It also shows how much you care for their feelings and interests.

Their favorite action figures, framed photos of friends and family, stylish stationery, stress balls and whatever else they want to make their space comfortable and productive should be allowed.

5- Fragrances & Aromas

Researches have shown that pleasant odors can significantly enhance vigilance during boring and time consuming tasks. So yes, fresh aromas and fragrances can help you improve your team’s performance.

Invest in some air fresheners, and essential oils while making sure that air circulation in the building is as per the guidelines provided by CDC. 

Wrapping it up!

A comfortable yet exciting environment plays a vital role in improving the overall mood of employees and increasing productivity. In the post Covid times, companies need such a workplace environment more than ever before!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.