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5 Cost Effective Advertising Options for Startups on Tight Budget

Many startups fail, just because the founders think that they cannot survive with little or no marketing budget. Well, it’s certainly hard to turn the odds in your favor with limited resources, but, not if you use them wisely. There are so many low or no cost options, and using them strategically your idea can hatch into a highly demanded product/service.

Believe me, there can be hundreds of ways to effectively market and advertise your startup within limited resources; all it takes is to have a effective business strategy with actionable marketing plan. This article will discuss 5 highly cost effective advertising options for startups and small businesses with low marketing budget.

1- Give Away Samples/Offer Free Trial:

User acquisition is the top priority for any startup, and to do so, there’s no better way than giving away something for free. Let it be a free trial, free report, eBook, sample product, people love freebies, but do not forget to get the basic information in exchange, i.e. verified email, phone, name etc. You may also consider strategizing an effective plan for social media or offline contest marketing.

2- Exploit the Free Social Media:

With the advent of social media, reaching target audience has become easier than ever before. And the good thing is that, you can take your business to the next level even without spending any money over social media. Offer voucher codes, discounts, prizes etc. for referring more people and sharing your offers. Do check this list of 25 free marketing options every startup must use.

3- Run Low Cost PPC Campaign:

Google Adword and Facebook advertising are probably the best PPC options for startups and small businesses. But there’s another way to make most out of these platforms. Look for Advertising coupons and further reduce the cost of PPC. For instance, a $50 worth of Facebook advertising voucher can be found in $6 to $10; it means, you spend only $10 and run ads worth of $50.

4- Use Snap Frames:

This option is most handy when you’re exhibiting your products/services somewhere, i.e. trade shows, exhibitions, partner retail stores, point of purchase display. Buying quality snap frames is one time smaller investment and you can re-use them over and over, again and again. No other poster frame meets the display needs and tight budgets as cost effectively as aluminum snap frames. Jansen Display is an authentic place to buy a variety of high quality snap frames.

5- Build Strategic Partnerships:

When you’re alone you need more money to advertise your business, but when you’re working in a partnership with another business (preferably a big one), they pay for your advertising. Or even if they don’t pay, the cost can be divided. That’s often called co-branding and here are some really very good examples:

Hilton + Uber –> partner on helping guests explore their visiting city.

HomeAdvisor + 9NEWS –> partner on a new TV show.

Facebook + Summit Public Schools –> partner on learning software.



You can grow your startup into a highly valuable service/product with little or no money. All you need is to have a fool proof strategy!

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