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5 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups to Grow Faster

Launching a business can be scary due to the challenges that usually accompany the entire process. Despite this, several entrepreneurs are surviving and thriving by investing in their online presence. Digital marketing offers startups an opportunity to create an awareness and market their business regardless of their budget size.

Nevertheless, it’s still important to manage your funds whether you are bootstrapping or in dire need of investors. These suggestions will guarantee resounding success during each digital marketing campaign once you set clearly defined goals.


1- Deliver unique content:

Content is the bedrock of almost all online marketing approaches like SEO marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing. It has the power to convert visitors to loyal customers. You will never run out of fresh content ideas if you keep researching your target audience.

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Enlist the help of an expert writer who has a deep understanding of your industry and market. S/he will be willing to handle all your content marketing needs. This will ensure that you deliver a concise brand message from time to time. Delve into other content types like videos, case studies, and infographics to keep customers engaged.

2- Leverage data:

You don’t have to spend a fortune in order to gain access to data in this digital age. Gathering real-time data from various sources that include direct and indirect competitors is necessary for improving your products and marketing plan. Apart from that, collect data from your target customers regularly. There are tons of free or inexpensive tools that can come in handy to track or analyze data. As time goes on, your brand is bound to become a force to be reckoned with in your industry.

3- SEO is crucial:

The importance of providing a fascinating user experience can’t be underscored. However, it will be very difficult for online visitors and search engine bots to discover a site that isn’t optimized for SEO. Every start-up needs to be up-to-date with Google’s search algorithms which are constantly evolving. This is the best time to take local SEO seriously if you’re targeting local customers. San Francisco SEO specialists usually carry out an SEO audit before designing a solid plan that suits your needs and budget. More so, they will implement white hat SEO tactics to make your website SEO friendly.

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4- Maximize social media:

Social media is a widely used online marketing tool for increasing search ranking and marketing. Small business owners that use social media the right way often experience rapid growth and development. The key is to project a uniform brand image across all channels as you share valuable posts. In addition, post consistently on the favorite channels of your customers. Avoid the mistake of marketing your product or service all the time.

Organize giveaways to renew the interest of your current customers and attract prospective ones. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are great sources of user-generated content which can be used to tailor your products and marketing message.

5- Consider influencer marketing:

This type of marketing has been gaining popularity in the past two years. The first thing is to develop a relationship with influencers in your industry. Later on, you can offer a free product or service in exchange for brand promotion. Most of the established influencers have thousands of followers that hold them in high esteem. Taking this approach isn’t complicated or expensive. It will help you to gain trust and reach a wider audience.


Chances are other businesses offer a product or service that are similar to yours. Building a successful brand has evolved past the stages of relying on a unique selling proposition alone. It now involves so many things. Take advantage of digital tools and resources to beat the fierce competition out there and increase your ROI.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.