5 Easy to Start Yet Highly Profitable Online Business Ideas for Youth

With the ease of internet access, most people in big and small cities are online doing whatever all day and night! Social Media is one big addiction the youth is having at the moment, however, it also opens hundreds of business opportunities for those who want to make money while just being online!

In fact, there are tens of online business ideas that can go great, things might not be that easy for beginners, especially those who do not have skills other than browsing social media from mobile. But yes, if you are an avid social media user and have expertise in social media management and online search, these two skills that when used correctly can help you earn extra income.

Let’s check what are the five basic online business ideas that beginners can start without much stress about financial and skills limitation.

1- Building Basic Websites for Clients

If you are a techie, you can surely earn extra income by offering your web development services. Yes, professional web development services require tons of experience and knowledge and you can make handsome profits while freelancing, but you should not expect this right in the beginging. Rather take it as an opportunity to learn.

Basic website creation is easy and there are many website builders you can explore to have hands on experience. Stick to one or two of these and offer small websites making service initially.

Start offering your service to the people you know and build a portfolio. Once you have a good portfolio the big business will flow in.

2- Buy and Sell Domains

Domaining is a big business and many people think that it takes a huge capital to get started. But you can actually start such a business with a couple of hundred dollars.

There are clients and brands that are willing to pay good money for domain names that they like. So what you can do is take your domain search skill to another level.

You should search for names that have high potential to be in-demand in the coming years. Buy it at lower cost now then you can sell it at higher rate in the near future. Some people even auction the domain name and sell it to higher bidder. If you have good eyes for domain names then this business can be a gold mine.

3- Working as A Virtual Assistant

Are you good in handling emails, setting up appointments and basically arranging things? You can work as a virtual assistant for online clients. However, most clients require this job as full time.

You should come to an agreement with the client in terms of hours you need to work. You also need a reliable Internet connection to ensure that you are always available during your work hours.

4- Start an eCommerce Business

Have you always dreamed of running your own business? Well, you can start now with the help of the internet. You can build you own e-commerce site and can sell almost anything online, i.e. clothes, shoes, bags, gadgets, games or even sell your own produce like perfume, candles, baked goods and pastries or personalized items.

This is indeed a good source of extra income. If become successful, you will no longer need your 9-6 job.

One of the most cost effective and easiest way to get started in eCommerce is through dropshipping, whereby you setup an online store but you do not need to buy the merchandise to sell it. Rather, you send the purchase orders directly to the manufacturer who handles shipping and everything else.

Social Media Management

As mentioned earlier, you can build a career out of social media by becoming a social media manager. There are clients who cannot handle their own social media accounts and that’s where you enter the picture.

You will build their followers, produce viral content for them and maybe answer queries from their customers.

The Bottom Line:

These are some examples of online jobs that can turn into very profitable business opportunities. It is important to be practical these days so if you see an opportunity, gladly take it and work hard to become successful.