5 Effective Cold Calling Tactics to Capture More B2B Leads

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Achieving consistent and effective b2b lead generation can often provide the impetus required to be able to reach your sales targets and drive the business forward.

The challenge comes from finding ways to capture as many of those leads as possible and one way to do that would be to embrace some effective cold calling tactics that have delivered positive results.

Here is a look at some of the most effective tactics to deploy.

1- Never Fear Rejection

If you approach every potential prospect interaction with a degree of fear and resignation before you even start to engage with the person you are already setting yourself up for a fall.

You need to keep at the forefront of your mind that rejection is a natural part of the cold calling process and there is no way that you are going to be successful with every attempt.

The trick is often to try and learn from each call and dismiss the fear of rejection so that you approach each contact with a positive and friendly attitude.

2- Qualify Your Prospect

You will definitely improve your conversion rate if you become more adept at qualifying your leads and find the right person as well as the most appropriate approach based on who you are talking to.

If you are trying to sell to someone who doesn’t tick the right boxes you are wasting their time as well as yours and that will lead to a higher rejection rate.

If you focus on qualifying your prospects it will help you succeed with more of your calls.

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3- Follow the Script – to a Point

You will most likely have a scripted approach that you are being asked to use in order to cover all the salient points and get you to where you want to be with the call but there are different ways to follow a script.

Your aim should be to be more natural even when the framework of the call is predetermined and treat like a performance rather than a procedure to follow.

4- Don’t Try to Close

Although your ultimate aim is to close a deal it is not the right time and place to attempt to do that on a cold call.

It pays to remember that and work toward agreeing on the next step with your process rather than trying to pin them down to make a commitment to buy on the spot.

5- Work on Your Tone

Another critical point to remember is that words alone will not prove to be the gateway to cold calling success and the tone of your face carries almost equal importance to what you are saying.

You could be delivering a superbly honed sales pitch that should entice even the most skeptical prospect but if your tone is not right that message could easily get lost.

A good tactic is to work on the pace and volume of your delivery and be mindful that your body language is an influential factor even if the person at the other end of the phone can’t see you.

The Bottom Line

If you embrace some of these proven cold calling tactics it should have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

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