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5 Elements of an Email People Want to Open

One of the biggest mistakes made by online advertisers today is letting their email marketing strategy become dated and stale. Email is definitely not the modern-day snail mail. In fact, 73% of millennials – yes, the generation that makes up nearly half of the market – prefer to receive info from businesses via email.

With just a few simple updates and tips, email can be an effective tool in your arsenal! Here are a few ways an internet marketing company can modernize your emails and make them an effective funnel for leads and traffic.

1- Segmented Lists

There’s no time like the present to get organized. Take the time to sit down and make some lists. By segmenting your audiences, your internet marketing company is able to target them with specific information and deals that may not interest other groups. This can improve your open and click-through rates!

Start by assessing who’s doing what on each of your emails. Do certain people watch all of your videos? Or, are they more likely to claim a sweet deal on your newest product? Over time, you’ll build specific lists in addition to your general one – and hopefully not lose too many subscribers with your cool, new content!

2- Personalization

One of the best ways you can go about bringing some life back into your email marketing campaigns is to make sure your emails are addressed to individuals and not the audience as a whole.

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Be sure to personalize subject bars and greetings to include the name of the subscriber, as this creates the impression that the email was sent by a physical representative and not just an automated bot. Personalization means that users will be much more likely to open the email in the first place, which can be difficult for any internet marketing company as getting an email opened is the trickiest part!

3- Interactivity

With recent developments in how emails are structured and the different kinds of media that can be integrated into them, you should be taking the time to integrate interactive features like links, videos, animations and more to make your emails even more eye grabbing and better-produced.

Interactive features also increase the likelihood of subscribers clicking through the ad and following links. This will increase your organic email-based traffic and help make your email campaigns more useful in combination with your other efforts. When a subscriber actually opens an email, the goal is to get them to keep clicking on more links until they arrive at your main page. Making your email interactive and inviting with buttons and other handy features makes is conducive to clicks.

4- Voice Search

The rise of search related technologies like voice search, many people are using new means of searching through emails and information other than by typing this means that people are more or less likely to use certain keywords. It is incredibly important for an internet marketing company to keep this in mind when coming up with your email keyword list, and will help you snag more searches to come up in results.

When rehashing your email marketing strategy you should look out for these changes and not let your emails fall be hind. Keywords are a vital part of any marketing push, and letting certain keywords fall through the cracks or become overused and stale could tank your progress.

5- Social Media

Integrating other marketing platforms into your emails is a great way to boost their effectiveness man makes them more interconnected with your other marketing pushes. Social media is a fantastic way to make your email content sharable and more interactive in general, and increase traffic to other areas like Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Having links to your social media platforms on videos and links within your emails will make them much more functional and cause them to act like a funnel for redirecting traffic from emails to your pages where they are more likely to make a purchase. Social media is currently the most powerful online advertising tool, and so connecting it with your emails will always be a winning strategy.

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