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5 Factors To Consider When Starting A New Signage Company

Getting signs installed on business premises and inside is a priority for most business owners because of the many benefits that signs bring to the business. However, not all signs are the same. Some will get the business noticed in the right manner while those that are poorly done might affect the business. Customers get a feeling of professionalism from the kind of signs they notice in the business.

Starting a new signage company can be a lucrative business opportunity as the industry is growing faster. According to Reuters, the Digital signage industry alone will grow to USD 25 billion.

Well, it seems quite exciting, but starting a new signage business can be a bit complicated with so many signage companies out today. The trick is knowing what quality and type of signs one needs, the right questions to ask and ultimately all the expectations to be met.

Thanks to ASC, Ohio’s premier sign company for giving us the below tips on what factors to consider when starting a new sign company business.

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1- Quality – Quality is probably one of the most important attributes a signage company should have for it to survive stiff competition. It is evident that the quality of the signs erected in a business directly influences customer behavior. Therefore, every business owner looks for the best.

Also, good signs will grab the attention of the customers in the right way and bring more business for the company. Bad signs, on the other hand, may make a business look unprofessional which can lead to the loss in business.

2- Wide Range Of Products And Services – The best company to work with is one that provides a wide range of signs and many services concerning signage. The following signs should be readily available: ADA and Braille signs, Banners, plaques, directional signs, dimensional letter signs, monument signs and window graphics.

Other products include custom wall graphics, electrical signs, labels and decals, lobby signs, the point of sale signs, posters, yard signs and trade show displays and graphics.

3- Maintenance Services- Signs, especially those erected outside are susceptible to adverse weather conditions even if they are of good quality. A good signage company offers a wide range of sign solutions to help the client from inception to maintaining the signs.

Other services include concept consultation, graphic design, sign permit procurement, delivery and shipping and sign installation.

4- ADA And Braille Signs – Many businesses today are striving to become more inclusive by being habitable to people with disabilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a law that ensures all people with disabilities have access to public places.

ADA has set guidelines on how an ADA compliant signage should be made so that public places are more accessible to people with disabilities. A good signage company should be able to provide such inclusive services. What’s more, they should have braille signs for those that are visually impaired.

5- Affordable Prices–  Signage companies have true wholesale prices for those that are purchasing signage in bulk. However, those that need one sign or just a few are not overcharged either.

Price is an important aspect not to be overlooked because, despite the need for good quality signs, a business should also be in a position to maximize profits out of such expenses.


The Bottom Line:

Conducting industry research prior to starting a business is an essential step, especially when you are a first time entrepreneur and do not want to take risk. Expanding your research to the above five areas will give you a clear picture and you can develop a solid business plan accordingly.

And, last but not least; try focusing on one or two specific market segments initially, i.e. F&B, Healthcare, Education, Transportation, Retail, Real estate etc. Once your business gets its roots developed, you can always include other industries.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.