5 Highly Profitable & Trending Education Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

As a fact of the matter, learning should never be stopped and this is the only way to grow professionally by keep up with the changing trends and updating your skills. This is the reason, the education sector has a lot of small business opportunities, and i.e. you can start and run a highly profitable business by teaching skills, helping people find education-related jobs, selling educational materials and so on.

If you are a young entrepreneur and want to start and run an educational related business which earns you good profits while helping the community to learn new skills and upgrade their portfolios, there can be tens of ideas. However, this article will focus on 5 of the best education-related business ideas that have potential to grow big.

Here goes the list:

1- Tutor Finder App:

Private tuition is something highly demanded everywhere in the world. Let it be a high school student or a university student, a large number of the population needs help in their studies and so they look for a tutor. A web based portal (such as SmileTutor) or a mobile app that allows students to find best tutors in their city can be a great business. Get local tutors onboard, allow them to add their professional background and rates. Promote them, get them business and keep a percentage of their earnings. Allow the students to review the tutors they have booked. This way you can ensure that your service connects students with the best tutors.

2- Skills Development Center:

A skill development center can organize various courses under one roof, i.e. cooking, music, arts & painting, language and anything that helps people to improve their skills. To make your skills development center, you must get affiliated with a local education council, and this way your business should be providing authentic and certified skill development services.

3- Teachers Resources Online:

A healthy education system is one that goes with a constant improvement, and to keep up with the changing requirements, teachers must update their teaching methodologies. This is why they look for new resources, lesson planning help, ideas and tips to improve teaching practices and so on. On the other hand, there are too many researches going on that provide a lot of qualitative teaching aids on regular basis. Creating an online platform that has teaching resources and aids available for free or for a little price can be a great business. In case if you are keeping the resources free, you can make money by selling advertising.

4- Research Writing Services:

A lot of university students and professionals enrolled for a degree program cannot afford writing their term papers or research reports. Whatever the reason it may be, but research writing is a legal business and you can help these individuals with their research papers against a certain amount of fee.

5- Sell Educational Materials:

You can sell educational toys, games, DVDs and other stuff online or offline. You may deal in new educational materials or alternatively, you can buy used stuff and resell it.

The Bottom Line:

A little research in the education industry will help you identify a lot of possible education-related small business opportunities, but the options mentioned above are the ideas that do not require huge investment and can be highly profitable is short period of time.