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Decorating on the Cheap: Work Office Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Did you know over 80% of Americans are employed and those who work in the office sit most for most of their shift? Lack of movement and scenery add to boredom and can negatively affect employee productivity.

Office companies should make changes to prevent this. For one, you should get workers moving to combat sitting disease. Another important consideration to spice up the office room by changing the look.

Tap into your creative side to find work office decorating ideas on a budget for your startup or small business.

If you need a few pointers to get you in the right direction on designing your small business, take a look at these ideas.

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Work Office Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Plain office spaces with no personality are so last century. It doesn’t take much to bring light into an office when you decorate it. Doing so positively impacts employee health and well-being.

A small business office space can feel like a mini-home with the right touch. Even on a budget, you can change the look for a great price.

1- Floor Mats

Floor rugs can instantly brighten an office and make a statement. There are endless sizes and ranges to choose from to fit your style (modern, rustic). It’s an easy way to add a dash of color and provide dimension. It is also used as a pseudo divider while maintaining the “open layout” concept.

2- Add Accents

Accents are one of the cheapest and quickest ways to refresh your office. For example, accent pillows can be placed on your desk, a large foam seat, a chair, or furniture.

Other accents, like flowers or candles, will do the same. You can even bring the outdoors in. Accents immediately brighten an office and could be the missing key you’re seeking.

3- Lighting

Never underestimate the power of good lighting in your office. It makes a difference between a poorly lit space that dulls productivity over a calming one that sparks it. The color of the light should also be taken into consideration.

Be very careful with buying lights as it could turn into an expensive purchase in the long run. Lights that aren’t energy-conservative or efficient can ruin the budget plan. You can avoid this by using led lighting.

4- Wall Art

Wall art gives your employees and visitors something to look at other than a blank space. What you add is completely up to you and your style. Many small office businesses enjoy adding motivational quotes and images for their workers.

Installing mirrors to the wall is also a fun art. The size(s) you choose can create the illusion an office is larger than it actually is.

5- Decorative Boards

These days an office isn’t an office without a writing board for their employees. Whiteboards and blackboards are a fun way for workers to keep notes and memos for themselves with pizazz. It’ll be impossible not to notice them and boosts memory and focus on projects.

You can also make use of walls to display external awards and internal achievements, i.e. best product, employee of the month and employee of the year, etc.

Updating Office Space For Your Small Business

Starting and operating a small business is costly no matter what stage you are in. It is possible to keep overall costs low when you plan every stage right, including decoration.

Implementing work office decorating ideas on a budget that fits your needs will also benefit your workers.

There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg to make your small workspace comfortable. You’re bound to impress not only the impress the team you hire. but boost their mood which will reflect in their work.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.