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5 Ideas to De-Stress Yourself & Overcome Workplace Exhaustion

Whether you’re an established business owner who is running a profitable venture, a budding future entrepreneur, or an executive on 9 to 5 job, you already know how easy it is to get overworked. That is when you desperately look for the weekend or want a mid week break.

With so many things demanding your time and attention, it’s very common for an entrepreneur to get exhausted. Unplugging from the business seems like a daunting task for any committed professional, let it be an entrepreneur or a senior executive. But, you must not downplay the importance of de-stressing yourself. In fact, you can be highly productive only when you beat the exhaustion. And, the million dollar question is “how to actually overcome exhaustion when it hits.”

You might have already thought about taking a week off, when the workload is relatively lower, but that’s not the solution. Moreover, being an entrepreneur, distancing yourself from operations is not that easy even when you are on vacation.

Ideally, you should update your daily routine; incorporate the unplugging and relaxing into your normal schedule, and believe me, it is going to be a long term solution.

This article will discuss five ideas to overcome exhaustion and de-stress yourself on regular basis.

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1- Use the Technology Moderately:

Smartphones and other smart gadgets where they offer a great deal of connectivity also bring a chaos in life. A moderate use of these devices can be your first step to truly relax. Turn off the email and other notifications on your phone. Doing this will help not only relieving stress, but surprisingly, you will find a lot more time to relax and work.

Ideally, when you are at work, use your phone for calls and messages only and that too in specific timings only, i.e. in the lunch break or in the evening.

2- Delegate:

One of the biggest reasons for entrepreneurs to get exhausted is having a never ending to-do list. Ideally, you should delegate everything that someone else can do better. Build a team that can work with equal efficiency in your absence. In case of entrepreneurs, this might be a difficult decision, but finding a good outsourcing partner can be of great help.

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3- Get Moving:

As an entrepreneur or an on-job executive, you probably spend most of your time on a desk. Sitting long at one place itself can be boring enough to cause sluggishness. Moving around for a few minutes every hour or two can be a great way to avoid drowsiness. So, get up from your seat, do some stretches and you feel better. Having fitness equipment like weights, skipping ropes, punch bags etc. in your office can be a great way to combat sluggishness.

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4- Meditate:

Yoga tends to be one of the most popular ways to meditate, but even if you don’t want to try yoga, do meditate in any way you like most. It can be as easy as taking a few minutes of stillness while listening to soft music, or going for a quick walk in fresh air. Meditation is all about finding peace within yourself, by clearing your mind of clutter and other unnecessary thoughts. Alternatively, reading a good book for 15 minutes can give you a healthy break.

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5- Take a Power Nap:

Afternoon sluggishness is one of the most common productivity killers at workplace, and the reason can be anything, i.e. may be you kept working late night or woke up early. A quick power nap can actually work better than a cup of coffee. With a 15 to 20 minutes power nap, you will find yourself more alert and active. In fact, you must introduce a “Power 20 Minutes” for all your employees and you will see the sleepy and less productive workforce into a highly productive one.

The Bottom Line:

With the changing trends, competition in the market and desire for excellence, it is challenging to distance yourself from the stressors of workplace. However, taking a few steps to alter your routine and incorporate refreshing activities in your schedule can bring a big relief. A healthy and refreshing work schedule is the only long term solution for a productive mind and active body.

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