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5 Immediate Marketing Techniques to Get Your Startup Moving Fast

When first launching a startup, it’s likely that you have marketing strategies swirling around your head and are struggling to get the time to focus on any of them individually.

Many important marketing strategies will take time – content creation for example.

Some of the most well known marketing techniques are still important and effective – but they’re also time consuming and highly saturated, meaning you have to work hard for a long time to see any fruitful results.

However, there are still some less common and more immediate marketing techniques that can be used, some of which have led to some massive successes.

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Here are some of the less common marketing strategies you can employ immediately to get some quick attention:

1- Create a Viral Explainer Video

Explainer videos are already proven to dramatically increase conversions. When Dropbox first added one to their homepage, they grew in revenue by $48,000,000.

But simply using an animated explainer video that goes through the basics of your product or service is perhaps a little boring.

You can take it the next step further by adding a dose of humor and unexpected events to your video. It works a lot better than you think – videos that make people laugh stick in their minds in the long term, and makes them more likely to share the content too. To make that memorable video that will surely leave an impression on people, make sure to find a video production company that already has experience in making unique and viral-worthy content for different kinds of businesses. 

2- Give out Stickers

Many people will try to tell you offline marketing for an online business is a bad move – they’re wrong.

This sentiment comes from people who did it badly, using generic logo stickers that nobody has any reason to look at.

It’s more often than not a matter of using unique, memorable artwork as well as unique and eye catching techniques such as 3D shading or clear stickers.

It often gets lost in translation these days, but did you know this is how Reddit started? When it was a small startup with only a few hundred members, the founders put out stickers all over their city and generated a huge amount of attention. Just like with explainer videos, humour is a powerful technique to use here.

3- Use Sites Like Quora or Fan Forums

Quora has huge domain authority and is likely to come up high in the Google results when somebody searches for a question.

By answering questions relevant to your service or product, and then getting people to upvote that answer, you can take advantage of Quora’s authority and make a huge amount of people aware of your business.

Forums, while different, work in a similar way. If there is a popular forum based around your niche, it likely holds a lot of weight within the industry and is frequented by a large chunk of your target audience.

Treating some of the more respected members of the forum community as influencers – offering money and free products to get them to talk about you positively on the forum, can be extremely powerful as it’s coming to people from a voice they trust instead of just an obvious piece of marketing material.

4- Hold Competitions

It’s a fickle world – tell people you’re starting a new business, and more often than not they’ll turn the other way.

Tell them you’re offering something for free, however, and suddenly everybody wants to listen.

Did you know that back in the day, YouTube offered an iPod Nano each and every day to the user who uploaded the best videos or invited the most of their friends? This was a huge part of how they grew to become the biggest multimedia platform on the planet.

You can make entrants do something that helps you too – posting a great competition and asking people to follow your social media page and share it in order to enter, can lead to a huge amount of exposure.

5- Use a Stealth Marketing Campaign

A stealth campaign is when you undertake a marketing campaign that isn’t obviously managed by you.

For example, when AirBNB first launched, they had several well established competitors and were struggling for marketshare.

In a stroke of genius, AirBNB’s marketing staff posed as regular people and went on Craigslist to send millions of emails to Craigslist users who were offering their homes to rent.

They pretended to be a normal site user who wanted to do the Craigslist sellers a favour by telling them about AirBNB, a new site that had a ton of hits and would likely get them business more quickly than Craigslist.

This become a self fulfilling prophecy as homeowners jumped to AirBNB in their thousands, and hopeful renters were forced to follow them!

The Bottom Line:

Marketing is constantly evolving and it is crucial for startups and small businesses to keep up with the trends and techniques so they can have a tailored solution for their business. There can be hundreds of marketing techniques available online, i.e. some can have immediate effect while others can be fruitful in long run. Knowing about all helps you to choose the right ones.

I am sure, knowing the above 5 immediate marketing techniques you will be able to devise a more effective marketing strategy for your business.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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