5 Important Considerations before Starting Computer Repair Business

Opening a business requires a great deal of thought and research if you are hoping to have any chance of success, and the computer repair business is no exception.  This article will point out various considerations that need to be made in order to begin a fruitful computer repair company.

Top Tip: Before starting a computer repair business, you should be trained in computer technology.

1- Advertising

Question: What is the plan to let people within the community know about your business and that it is open, ready to serve their needs?

Answer: There are numerous methods available to help with the advertising of a business, including online methods, the newspaper, television, radio, pamphlets, and word-of-mouth.  The advertising budget will play a large role in the decision process when choosing which method to use; as well as, the possible success rates.

If you are searching for low cost methods, the top options will be online, newspapers, and pamphlets.  The word-of-mouth alternative can also be low cost; however, this method is far more tiresome and requires a great deal more work in order to be successful.  The online technique offers many options, including search engine ratings, banner advertisements, and Craigslist (or sites similar to this) – these are just a few of the many online possibilities.  The email marketing platform can be a highly valuable asset if the correct market is targeted.  If you are opting for offline advertising, pamphlets would be useful.  These can be used in various locations or can be mailed to people’s homes.

A larger budget will, obviously, allow for more expansive advertising allowing you to explore the radio and television advertising routes.  These media outlets can be extremely effective and will boost a business’ success.


2- Insurance

Due to the technical nature of the computer repair business, it is highly recommended that you attain insurance for coverage of any problems that may arise.  While issue are not planned, accidents can happen and having coverage will always be beneficial.  The business will deal with other individual’s property (the computer) and the client will be entrusting the item into your care; therefore, it would be better to have insurance.  When finding insurance packages, it is advised you check the companies to ensure they provide the most suitable plans for the business and your specific needs.

3- Inventory

When planning a storefront as part of the businesses, it is important to obtain an inventory of computers with computer components that will available for sale.  Customers are typically searching for speedy service; therefore, you will need parts available to provide this type of service.

The components and computers you require will need to be available for all popular types of memory (RAM), video cards, computer processors, and hard drives.  Of course, these are simply some examples of the items you should have on hand for the more parts you have, the less likely a client will need to wait for a repair.  It should also be noted that excess cables and screws will be beneficial.

For those individuals who are working with a restricted budget, an alternative solution to inventory needs is to visit a local computer retail store for extra parts as required.


4- Location

One of the most important factors to consider when opening a computer repair business is the location of the company.  If you are operating out of a storefront, the business will be available for all people to see and visit; therefore, the potential for income can be quite high.  Unfortunately, a storefront does present with increased risk and responsibility.

If you opt to work from home, you will have a more flexible schedule with less overhead due to minimal inventory; as well as control over the business being sent your way.  Unfortunately, this will also present with some challenges as working from home offers less income (potentially) and difficulty in attracting customers.

When choosing a storefront for computer repair in Melbourne or elsewhere, it is essential that you have the correct physical location.  The location must be easily accessible while being in a geographical area with a large customer-base, for example a town where there are not many computer repair businesses.  These factors can greatly influence the success of your business and should be considered when opening a company.


5- Cost

Cost is another important consideration to make as customer’s base their decision to utilize services greatly on the price tag.  It is important the price of the service is affordable to the customer, but is high enough to keep the business afloat.

If the area has other computer repair businesses, it would be beneficial to review the amount the businesses are charging for their services.  This research can be useful as it helps you price competitively and potentially take customers from the rival companies.

Discounts can be advantageous when running a computer repair business; therefore, it may be worthwhile considering this price associated factor.  By offering discounts, possibly as coupons or a percentage reduction when purchasing particular services, customer could be attracted to use your services.  A common practice for smaller companies is to offer special deals for first time clients.  This is a popular and effective method to promote the company name and attract new customers.