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5 IT Tools that Can Help a Startup Grow Faster

Today’s world is constantly changing, with innovators changing the way we communicate, work, and live our lives. Is your business taking advantage of the technologies developed to help it grow? If not, you should reconsider how your company operates and how it can benefit from the information technology available today.

Here are 5 IT tools that are helping businesses thrive. 

1- ERP Software

As businesses expand, processes that worked initially can quickly grow in complexity to the point that you and your partners are pulling their hair out. That is why it is crucial to implement systems that can handle all of the elaborate internal workings of your business. This is where ERP Software comes in. It is a sophisticated way of managing all of your processes and data with ease. As a young company that can control this data manually, this step may seem unnecessary. However, once growth hits a certain critical mass, you’ll be glad to have real software that can handle the multitude of tasks and give you constant visibility over the health and direction of your company. This powers you with the ability to make fast, accurate management decisions and better control the future of your firm.

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2- Team Collaboration Tools

Remote working and telecommuting are becoming commonplace in today’s workplace. In such an environment, effective ways to communicate and collaborate on projects are essential. With over 6 million daily users, tools such as Slack are fast becoming indispensable for countless organizations. With its clear and easily directed digital workspaces, you can throw those long chained emails with too many annoyed recipients in the trash. All conversations are stored for easy reference, so you get the information right when you need it. Whether your employees are in-house or across the globe, team collaboration tools make it easy to brainstorm and get projects done in an incredibly timely fashion.

3- Cloud Storage Tools

Are you in need of way to store information that can be shared by others? Cloud computing is a great way to host documents, presentations, spreadsheets, and more that can be accessed by anyone you want with an internet connection. You can collaborate, share, and critique pieces with your team at your convenience and in real-time. Initial concerns about data security have proven to be grossly overstated as providers have developed ever more sophisticated ways of protecting your sensitive business information.

4- E-Commerce Suites

Online shopping is growing, with more and more consumers opting out of hitting brick and mortar stores and taking their credit cards online. Whatever products or services you offer, taking your merchandise to the web is now a necessity that few can afford to live without. There has been a proliferation of easy-to-use, intuitive e-commerce solutions that can make the purchasing journey smooth and painless for your online customers.

5- Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing is your friend when you seek to advertise in today’s high tech world, but it can be hard to determine which strategies to pursue and whether they are working. From SEO to PPC, to email marketing and social media marketing, there are a variety of options to investigate to select the path that is right for your organization.


In a fast-paced, highly competitive economy, you need to have all the tools at your disposal to enable continuous growth. You certainly don’t want to be unprepared for the market opportunities that present themselves by relying on outdated systems or neglecting to utilize the technology available to you. All of these IT solutions mentioned can easily be acquired to help you take your company to the next level.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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