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5 Lesser Known MBA Branches with Promising Scope in India

MBA is a continuously evolving area of specialization since the 19th century. In its heart, an MBA is about general management. The alluring world of management attracts students from all the disciplines like Science, Commerce, and Arts.

The students are enticed about the wide-ranging employability options due to the immense scope of the evolving MBA branches. After all, every company requires management professionals in all the levels. MBA also provides the perfect balance of hard and soft skills to be successful in this competitive world.

While choosing an MBA specialisation to kickstart your career, it is not necessary to go for the popular MBA b ranches. One should select the specialisation according to their interest and skillsets.

Here are the not so beaten MBA branches that have vast scope in India:

1- MBA In Oil & Gas Management

Among all the MBA branches, this specialisation will never go out demand. Oil and Gas are known as one of the core fields of the economy. As the name suggests, this judicious management course specialises in the management of the oil & gas corporations.

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With an indispensable need for renewable sources of power, this sector plays a prominent role in the growth of the economy. Also, like every other industry, oil & gas sector requires professional and efficient managers. This specialisation focuses on an amalgamation of disciplines like human resources, marketing, finance, and strategic management in oil and refinery technology companies.

Apart from the necessary skill set, MBA in oil & gas management helps an individual to acquire cutthroat management skills and expertise related to the oil & gas sector. When completed, one can go for jobs in oil exploration, power generation, financing, power infrastructure, and power distribution to name a few.

2- MBA In Energy Economics

Masters in energy economics mainly teaches the students about the energy industry and how to preserve the environment. The growth of energy economics is directly proportional to the growth of all the stakeholders involved in it. This specialization helps professionals in understanding the financial aspects of energy management as well as open avenues to negotiate and market within the industry.

Students can choose a career in consulting, research, analysis and project management after completing the course. One can qualify for a position of energy trader, pricing analyst or construction project manager in both the public and private sector. Universities like UPES offers MBA in energy economics and has received specialized authorization through the International Accreditation Council for Business Studies (IACBE).

3- MBA In Agribusiness

In today’s world, there is a lot of scope in the agribusiness.  MBA in Agribusiness is majorly the study of business related to food production, crop cultivation and the other aspects of agriculture.

This specialized course imparts knowledge about developing new ideas on how to market agricultural products. The curriculum of this MBA branch also focuses on training students about the agronomic products that grow in India and its need in the agriculture industry. The agro-based companies in both public as well as private sectors. They provide a plethora of career opportunities to MBA professionals as a research analyst or marketing manager.

4- MBA In Port & Shipping Management

In the last decade or two, port & shipping industry has rapidly become one of the most popular sectors that are generating huge revenues. Due to globalization and the enticing of new sea routes, a lot of companies are considering port ideologies.

Port & shipping management is one of those MBA branches that needs more of the brain that hand for lifting the freight. This course will make one understand health management, security initiatives, logistics operations and synchronizing of deliveries when it comes to port & shipping industry. If you want to manage, supervise and organize the ports function in a very streamline manner, consider getting an MBA degree in port & shipping management.

5- MBA In Aviation

In this rapidly growing and competitive world, one sector that is here to stay in the Aviation sector.  With new airlines and airports coming up now and then has created a massive demand for professionals with a business administration degree in aviation.

MBA in aviation imparts an education that will enable a professional to be well versed with all the details of the aviation industry. It also gives knowledge about aviation safety, ground handling, cargo, fleet management, regulatory management and more. The leadership qualities and managerial skills taught in this MBA course help an individual stand head and shoulder above others in this competitive atmosphere.  

The Bottom Line:

MBA is a global professional degree program and has numerous specializations. With the fast pacing world, the demand of the professionals with a degree in above-mentioned specializations is only going to grow. So, choose wisely!

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