5 Low Cost Tools to Create Amazing Infographics & Content Marketing Materials

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People find images more explanatory than simple text for a variety of reason, i.e. images look good to the eye, they highlight the crux quickly and they add color to that black & white long read. Well, there can be more reasons for preferring images over text, but let’s not go into the details of why they prefer images. Rather, let’s focus on delivering them what they prefer.

Many times, as a business, we feel it important to share data driven stats with our customers and prospects and so we add such content in our marketing plan.

Data driven stats may be presented in a long essay or a table, but that’s not how people will bother to look at it even. In order get results from data driven content, you must present the data in the form that is loved most by people, i.e. graphics, diagrams etc and only then you can actually engage more people with your brand. One of the most common type of data-driven graphics is infographic.

content marketing with images main

These are the requirements that must be fulfilled if you want your data driven content travels longer to a broader audience, but to get this done you don’t need a graphic designer literally.

Think about it this way instead – sometimes you need to communicate data. Instead of quoting statistics or using a plain table, turning your data into a graphic is much more powerful.

data driven storytelling

You can easily create such data-driven visuals, without having years of experience in design and development. All you need is to know the right resources, which may include:

Easel.ly: To take start with something free is always great and this is why Easel.ly is the first one. It comes with a Free Account where you get 60 free images and can use 10 fonts which is great to go. But just incase, if you think you need something more to make your infographics more powerful, the Pro Account is there that comes with 1000’s free images, 50+ fonts, dozens of professional made templates and a lot more

Canva: This is free too and goes beyond desktop, i.e. you can make infographics from your iPad or mobile too! Creating compelling infographics for free can not be easier than this. All you need to do is to register with them!

Piktochart: Again a free tool that comes with easy-to-use interface, i.e. the point and click tool. You have no usage limits, and there are many free templates, over 4,000 icons and option to upload your own images. Just incase you wish to have more of professional templates with some premium features, you can always upgrade to the paid version.

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Infogr.am: With this tool you can make various simple infographics for as low as $15/month. The basic subscriptions has a library size limit of 100 with 35 Chart types, 200 Maps, 100 Image uploads limit and various other features including Rich Text Editing, Import CSV, XLS, Connect live data,  Private sharing, Download PNG, PDF, API, SSL Encryption and so on. If you own a bigger business with more content marketing requirements you may choose a bigger plan.

Simple Diagrams; It’s not free, but not too expensive too. For $39, you can download the desktop  application which comes with over 500 pre-drawn shapes that let you create simple visualizations to communicate your ideas to the world.

Try these tools, and present your data in a form that makes it beautiful and engaging!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.