5 Management Practices to Improve Employee Productivity

The company is only as good as its employees are. That’s why the company should create a system of conditions in which the employees could work comfortably and bring out their best in terms of skills and personal relationships.

Productivity within a company shouldn’t be left to chance; there should be a constant endeavor to make the work pleasant and exciting for everyone, thus making them productive and avoiding burnout syndrome as well.


Financial incentive

There’s a lot of talk about all the methods to increase productivity that don’t involve money. It is true that businesses are about more than making money and getting a paycheck. However, that is a big part of any business and usually the biggest motivating factor for any person to come to work. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to offer bonuses to those who deserve them.

The bonuses could be distributed regularly, during the entire year, on a schedule that everyone is familiar with or you could make it a one-time thing based on the specific task or an accomplishment.


Work on communication

It’s important for the employees to be able to talk about their problems and the issues that might be lowering their productivity and overall job satisfaction. Office conflict is one of the biggest reasons the productivity is low and the meetings are dysfunctional. This issue should be dealt with in a systematic and open manner.

Aside from interpersonal communication, a lot of stress and pressure can come from the ineffective communication channels used for work-related tasks. While relying on a desk phone is rather old-school and can often result in missed calls and accumulated workload, the advancements of the digital age allow us to utilize the so-called VoIP communication system that works smoothly on both the computer and mobile devices. No extra phone costs, cables, or wasting time looking for the phone numbers as the versatility and efficiency of this particular tool lets you organize your communication practice in the most productive way possible.

Make the office space comfortable

The employees spend a lot of time around the office and it should be designed to help them work with ease and comfort. Start with the color palette that helps the employees focus and work without burning out.

You could also provide customized rubber matting and ergonomic furniture. This, along with an office gym, will be enough to help your employees’ blow off some steam and get their juices flowing in between tasks.


Remote work

With a modern technology available there’s really no need for everyone to come to the office. The office atmosphere isn’t always productive and there are some who prefer to work alone even when it is. By accommodating their needs you’re making the business more productive and you’ll save money spent on organizing a large office for a lot of employees.

When setting up a virtual office you should find the tools and the management techniques that would allow the worker to do the job as if they were in the office.

Work/life balance

It’s important to remember that the employees have a life outside of the job. Sometimes those personal things get in the way and the work suffers. This is normal and it’s bound to happen every once in a while, especially if you have a lot of employees to take care off.

The only thing to do in these cases is to remember that the work comes second and it’s your job to let the employee figure out their lives and their problems and come back to the office when they feel ready.

Employee productivity is hard to maintain because there’s always going to be something in the way. It’s your job to provide the employees with a system that will help them work better and more productively.

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