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5 Marketing Automation Basics Every eCommerce Startup Should Consider Right from the Beginning

I am sure you have heard a lot about marketing automation, and how it can do great wonders for your ecommerce startup!

Naturally, you want to get started with it as soon as possible; but let me be a bit blunt: you are already a little bit late. That said, with automation, marketing doesn’t take much time to drive results. So, if you want to know the best time to consider marketing automation; I’d say you should have the automation system in place before starting up.

But, better late than never; if you have already launched your ecommerce startup, today is possibly the best time to implement marketing automation, because you want to see substantial ROI for your business in lease possible time.

Keeping in mind that the ecommerce industry is bursting at the seams, with making over $2.3 trillion in sales (according to a Statista report), it is nearly impossible to be responsive to all your customers. This is where ecommerce marketing automation comes into the game. 

We know you are a bit skeptical about starting off with something that is still new to you.

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But, don’t worry!

This article will discuss some wonderful ways in which ecommerce marketing automation can help your startup grow tremendously.

Let’s get started.

1. Nurturing Leads With Email Marketing Automation

Ecommerce marketing automation probably hits a sweet spot with email automation. Be it triggered emails, or personalized messages, email automation is a great way to nurture your leads.

And lead nurturing is something that you just cannot overlook. If you are not nurturing your leads, then you are pushing all your efforts down the drain.


Don’t trust me?

Have a look at this statistic:

According to Gleanster Research, only 25% of your leads are ready to buy.

You are generating leads, but they are not buying from you.

Email marketing automation is the answer to this problem.

With automation, you can schedule triggered emails to be sent out according to the action performed by your leads.

For instance, you can send out welcome emails to your new subscribers using an automated email campaign.

Have a look at how Kate Spade, a prominent fashion house, welcomes their new subscribers.

This attractive welcome email is a great way of engaging your leads.

It doesn’t take much time to set up such an automated email campaign. And if you think it is viable for your new ecommerce business, don’t shy away from offering a little discount to give a little nudge to your leads.

With the help of automated analytical tools, you can even track the effectiveness of your discount offer.

2. Keeping Track of Your Best Customers

One of the best ways to achieve growth is by making your customers happy. The happier your customers are, the more referrals you will receive. But selling a good-quality product is not enough to make your customers sing your praises.

If you want them to do this, you have to create a more loyal customer base. And the easiest way to inspire loyalty among your customers is through marketing automation. This is not to say that automation is a magic solution that will simply switch on the loyalty button.

Nope. Nada.

You have to incentivize your customers, especially your best customers, or make them feel special to invoke loyalty towards your brand and better reputation management. You can create an automated loyalty program to do so. After analyzing and segmenting your best customers, you can invite them to take part in your loyalty program.

Get them to perform some basic tasks such as following your post or referring your product to one of their peers, and give them incentives based on their actions.

You can also set another automated email campaign and as soon as your customers are done with their loyalty program, you can send out automated emails including discount coupons and exclusive offers.

3. One Upping Your Competitors

Starting a new ecommerce business is a lot of work. On top of that, the prospect of competing with some huge enterprises is enough to make anyone break out in a sweat.

After all, they have so many expensive tools and the top employees at their disposal. And since you are just getting started, it’s difficult for you to have access to anything like that.

Automation completely alleviates this pressure.

It doesn’t matter how successful and experienced your counterparts are, with marketing automation, now you have access to the same tricks as they have.

For instance, you don’t have to hire a whole team to generate qualified leads for you. Now you can simply use a popular email marketing tool to build a credible list of your target audience.

And this is only a part of it — once you get started and have a strategy in place, you can’t go wrong with automation.

4. Automating Social Media Marketing

Social media is nearly out of control, with billions and billions of users present on hundreds of social networking platforms. It is impossible for you to be active on all the social media pages at all times.

That said, you can’t abandon your social media marketing either.

Instead, you can incorporate marketing automation with your social media strategy. There are several social media monitoring tools available on the internet that will help you keep track of your followers.

This way, you can also keep track of your social media mentions and reply immediately to your customers’ queries.

5. Retaining Your Previous Customers

Sales professionals tend to overlook customer retention sometimes.

And we can understand that. With all the excitement about customer acquisition, it is often difficult to keep up with the retention strategy at the same time.

But not anymore!

Now you can leverage marketing automation to give you constant reminders about your customers. You can set triggered emails to engage your previous customers who haven’t purchased anything from you for months on end or those who have abandoned their cart.

While you are at it, don’t forget to offer a little something extra in the form of a discount coupon or a free product.

Not many people can ignore freebies!

Summing It All Up

These are some of the most common reasons to start using ecommerce marketing automation to grow your startup.

If you are serious about your ecommerce startup, you have to get serious about automation.

You need to catch up fast.

Don’t delegate this anymore — automate your ecommerce marketing process today.

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