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5 No Cost Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

Waking up to a new place every day, venturing out into the unknown, meeting new people, learning about different cultures- seems like a dream, doesn’t it? Discovering new areas always fun- especially if you love to travel! It’s just unfortunate that travelling a lot can take a toll on your wallet.

Don’t you just wish you could do away with your work, and just travel till the end of your days? If you are so passionate about travelling, then with a little dedication and perseverance, you could make a living out of it! There are various ways to make this passion self-sustaining for yourself!

Here are 5 no-cost business ideas for those who want to make their travelling dream, an actual job!

5 No Cost Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

1- Travel Writer

If you love expressing your travel experiences in the form of words, then there is nothing which will stop you from pursuing a job as a travel writer! Most travel writers are associated with magazines, travel articles of news papers or even in half-yearly travel journals!

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You get to travel with all expenses handled by the publishing companies, and what’s more, is you get a decent pay as well! One thing to keep in mind is that this job is not for those wishing to write about places of their own interest, or at their own pace. Most articles require to meet the needs and choices of editors as well.

Nonetheless, travel writing is a great way to express oneself and make a few bucks out of it! If you’re new to this field, it does require a few hit and trials with publishers until you settle in, as finding one whose interests suit yours can be slightly tricky.

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2- Social Media Influencer

Being a social media influencer can be quite the challenge- with perfecting every picture that you put up on social media, to constantly striving to understand what your followers want to see in your media posts. If done right, each post of yours could earn practically hundreds of dollars!

The most popular ones are said to get more than £7000 on each upload! We say this is not easy, as one has to also learn to deal with the criticism that comes with the posts, along with loss of media followers. Nevertheless, once you’re settled on the business, you’ll be living out your dreams with zero worries!

3- Travel Blogger

While it may seem almost similar to travel writing jobs, being a travel blogger allows you to travel wherever you please, and gives you the freedom of writing about anything you want. The more followers your blog has, the more travel sites will want you to blog about their tours. You could get an all-expense paid trip, just to blog about it, in any fashion that you please.

Monetization from the blog comes via sponsorships and ads associated with the posts! For example, if you’re into biking trips (check out for more)- you would have the liberty of riding your bike to places, and the ads would naturally be related to bikes.

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4- Travel Agent

Do people always come to you for advice on what places to visit in a certain city, given a budget, time constraint, etc.? Why not make this popularity for travel advice into a business? More suited for those who feel that they have travelled enough to know places well (for the retired travel lovers, rather), starting or joining a travel agency comes with numerous boons! You can simply plan out travel trips, and gain a profit!

Most travel agencies have a well organized travel database and are associated with various hotels, resorts and even airplane companies which offer seats and accommodation, with added commission! These companies pay you, a travel agent, for getting customers to travel with their flights/stay at their budget hotels and exotic vacation spots.

5- Travel Vlogger

If you’re more into capturing what the eye sees, on video stream- you could well become a travel vlogger instead! YouTube has many vloggers who go to extreme depths to get their vlog videos to come out as they want it- serene, jaw dropping and splendid! Not only do you get to share your experiences via video, but also get revenue out of it! Such travel vlogs are gaining popularity these days as people want to see beforehand as to what they are getting out of their planned holiday- and as they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, so just imagine how informative a vlog would be!

So, if you are a travel enthusiast, and want to explore the world along with a flexible job; starting your own business is the only way, and I am sure, at least one of the above ideas is something you’d love to pursue.

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