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5 Online Courses That can Help You Develop Better Entrepreneurial Skills

If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur there is nothing quite like getting experience in the real world, when it comes to learning. However, it’s a good idea to balance this real-world learning with courses that you can find online.

This structured learning helps you to develop entrepreneurial skills, in a safe environment. There are several courses you might find useful if you want to give yourself the best opportunity to be successful as an entrepreneur. However, this article will discuss the 5 best low cost online courses for small business owners and first time entrepreneurs.

1- Certificate IV in Small Business Management

Studying for the Certificate IV in Small Business Management at helps to develop your awareness of what it takes to manage your own business. You can increase your knowledge of areas such as financial management, compliance and running a sustainable business.

2- Learning How to Learn

This course is designed to teach people about the art of learning. If you take the course, you can learn more about how you take in information and about how your brain stores it. The course will not take up much of your valuable time as it only takes between 12 and 16 hours to complete. Taking this course can help you understand how best to take in new information and develop your entrepreneurial skills.

3- Intro to Artificial Intelligence

You may not think that your own entrepreneurial role involves the use of AI. However, it’s likely that AI will be increasingly integrated into most industries over the coming years. Of course, it’s also likely that it will be increasingly used in the home. So, there are several commercial and domestic benefits to be had from taking the Intro to Artificial Intelligence course, provided by Udemy.

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4- Google IT Support Professional Certificate Specialization

This course was originally a scholarship offering provided by Google. However, now it’s been opened up for general use. It’s designed to give anyone the overview of working in IT that they might need. This is ideal for a small business that may need to develop its own IT presence.

The course is not particularly quick to complete. It takes around 10 hours a week, for approximately 8 months.  However, many small businesses find that it’s worth investing in employees completing this course as it’s fairly comprehensive.

5- How to Come Up With Killer Business Ideas

This course, presented by entrepreneur Evan Kimbrell, is aimed at people who aspire to be entrepreneurs. It introduces them to the concept of coming up with a killer business idea. Topics covered in the 7 hour course include:

  • Assessing marketability of an idea.
  • Implementing a business model.
  • Setting goals.
  • Testing ideas and products.

The Bottom Line:

All of these courses can help you to develop as an entrepreneur. You can combine the knowledge that you acquire with the benefits that you get from real world experience.  This gives you the perfect mix of risk free education and realistic expectations. This should help you take your idea and develop it into an operational business.

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