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5 PPC Tips for Startups on a Limited Budget

Are you a low budgeted startup wanting to establish yourself in the stratosphere?

Looking for cost-effective advertising strategies that can grow your startup without compromising your budget?

PPC Tips for Startups on a Limited Budget

Read to know five effective tips to do low-cost advertising and skyrocket your business faster than you can imagine!

Want to Gain More Traffic & Customers Without Paying Too Much?

Marketing and advertising, if done in the right way can help you gain hundreds and thousands of potential customers in no time – that too without stretching your budget. Although pay-per-click ads are very useful in kick-starting any startup, initially it is not possible for businesses on a low-budget to invest a high amount of money.

So, if you are wondering how you can do low-cost advertising and gain maximum benefits out of it, we are here to help you! In this article, we’ll help you understand how you can gain more traction through Google ads for startups. These strategies also work well for Facebook ads for small business startups.

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Low-Cost Advertising Strategies That Actually Work

You cannot ignore PPC ads when it comes to driving organic traffic to your site but you can certainly do low cost advertising to establish yourself in this competitive world. Here are our top five tips on how you can use pay-per-click ads under a tight budget to get your ad to the right audience.

1. Build a Strong Ads Account Structure

Your ads account structure, if not right, cannot showcase your products and services to the right audience. So, it is very important to pay attention to the structure to strengthen your ad’s performance. The right Ads account structure will save you more money by showing your ad to the people who’re more likely to take interest in your start-up.

Furthermore, if the structure is cluttered, the ad will get lost amongst millions of other ads – without giving you the ROI you deserve. The best account structure is the one that is designed according to your website, products, and services, or location.

2. Focus on High-Performance PPC Keywords

Even if you properly structure your account, you need to pay equal attention to keyword research as every PPC dollar counts. As you cannot afford to waste your limited money, you must do a thorough keyword search to make the most out of your PPC ad. Work hard and frequently on your keyword strategy and choose them wisely.

3. Pause Keywords with Poor Performance

Even after doing good keyword research, sometimes you may not see conversions as expected. So, if you do not see any effective results, identify the keywords with poor performance using Google Analytics and pause them.

  • Keep on monitoring your keyword performance regularly because a keyword performing well today may not perform the same after two months.
  • Stay calm and don’t conclude in a few days.
  • Raise the buds on the keywords that are performing better.

4. Optimize Ads & Create New Ad Text

Continuous optimization of your ad text is equally important as working on your keyword performance. Tweak and get creative with your ad copy from time to time to make it more interesting and relatable. After all, you can’t keep Valentine’s Day Sale ad till Christmas Sale. Can you?

5. Learn from the Competition

Keep a regular eye on your competitors to note the SEO and PPC techniques they are implying to fetch good results. Identify their ad approaches and marketing strategies to drive their traffic your way. After all, everything is fair in love, war, and business?

Ready to Do Cost-Effective Advertising & See Your Business Grow?

We hope we helped you understand how you can do low-cost advertising smartly and effectively. If you are confused about whether you should consider google ads for startups or Facebook ads for small business startups, we’d say that these tips work for both.

If you do PPC advertising on any of these platforms correctly, the growth rate of your business is sure to increase in a short period. So, using the unique strategies and tips shared above, you can make your ad copy perfect and drive maximum traffic to your site.

Furthermore, you should also work on your site’s SEO, content marketing strategy, social media marketing, link building, personal branding, and email marketing tactics to increase your visibility and establish your brand without investing huge sums of money.

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