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5 Pro Office Design Tips for a Better & More Productive Workspace

It is a good idea to create an open area that fosters office communication. Open floor space in an office can be reimagined for use as public gathering. The daily meeting for is known as the daily huddle and it works as an information blitz for the company. This is set up in a large corner of the workspace that is empty, so that there is enough room for more than 80 employees to gather and have a good view of the metrics reporting on a clear board and a television that is mounted on the wall for announcements, digital photos and presentations.

You can also think about hanging posters that outline various strategic initiatives. As the team meets goals, you can retire these posters and replace them with others. However, always make sure that your mission, values and vision will be showcased and a constant reminder of what your company stands for.

functional office design

1- Always Appreciate Form and Function

Think about the team and how the desks will be arranged. Workstations that are in the shape of honeycombs can spread around the floor. Try to find options that are going to use the space most efficiently and can remain flexible within a modular structure. There are some awesome looking items of furniture for the office and elsewhere here.

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2- Making Work Feel Like Home

Think about making the office kitchen the heart of your space at work. Use the fridge for posting pictures from meetings, company festivities and team building projects. Office design is best when storytelling is involved, so make sure that memories and achievements are clearly posted for everyone in your organization to enjoy.

home office design

3- Artefacts as a Bridge

When you work for a web company, there will not be many tangible aspects for what you are doing. Not only that, but the chances that you see customers one on one will be rare and communication will usually happen over email or phone. Try to make the intangible tangible whenever possible. Illustrate goals and any achievements to team members and use client banners. You can hang banners on your ceiling showing the most dedicated clients that you have. If you have been to any sort of hockey arena, you have seen this type of thing hanging high above. Each time someone glances up, they see the banners and are reminded of the companies that are served, motivating them to strive for even better things.

simple office

4- Go for Simplicity

Think about making all of your technology invisible. If your environment is modern, you can put out an organic philosophy that will be tucked away even when you have screens that are mounted on the walls. Think about showing off your technology like a work of art instead of a simple way of transmitting information. Understand that while furniture and surroundings will be aesthetically pleasing, the intention is to bring beauty to your design.


5- Reflect Your Culture with Your Workspace

Mold the work environment around the criteria that you are using for the shaping of your culture. Think about how people will behave and how the layout will be able serve as a channel that facilitates productivity. Your space should be comfortable, almost like a family home, yet encouraging your employees to get down to business.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.