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5 Proven Ways to Increase Efficiency in Manufacturing

The business model, from the outside, is pretty simple:

  • Create business
  • Sell products and services
  • Profit

If only it was as simple in action as it was in writing, but there are plenty of other steps in order to make sure you’re reaching that third step as soon as possible.

One of those ways to improve your business prospects, sell more product, and improve customer satisfaction is by increasing your efficiency. While perfect efficiency is something coveted by businesses all over the world, it is perhaps the most important in manufacturing. You want to make sure every machine, every individual, and every process is performing at their maximum ability, not wasting any energy or time.

We’re going to run through six great ways that you can improve efficiency on the manufacturing floor, making your business one of the top businesses on the market.

1- Employee Education and Feedback

If you’ve ever read about a sports legend, their work ethic will have undoubtedly been mentioned a time or two. Even though they were one of the best in the craft, they still continued to work hard to be the best.

When it comes to manufacturing, there are always new machines, new processes, and new technology. Make sure you’re investing in employee education, not just training on new technology but also making sure they are improving in their day job.

Another way to improve efficiency is to take employee feedback into account. Companies that listen to their employees have less turnover, meaning you’re going to save plenty of time, energy, and money by not searching for new employees and training them as well.

2- Get the Oil Changed

We all know that every three months or so, you have to take your car in for an oil change and a quick checkup. Not doing so could mean a hefty bill or breakdown down the line, something that could have been avoided.

With your machines, you need to be sure you’re performing regular maintenance to prevent any kind of breakdown or errors. Employees also need to know basica maintenance measures and be able to resolve errors or system malfunctions on their own.

3- Remove Waste

This isn’t talking about going green (although that’s a great idea), but removing those areas that bog down your overall efficiency, like overproduction, inventory, motion and more.

Optimizing these areas of waste is a perfect way to increase production and improve your overall efficiency. It may seem bizarre that inventory is listed as one of the types of wastes, but the truth is many places often hold more inventory than is actually necessary.

One of the best ways to remove waste is by exploring what lean manufacturing consulting can do for you and your company. It always helps to have that extra pair of eyes come in and examine what can be done with your business.

4- Make Organization a Priority

Poor organization can result in wasted hours and dollars for your business. Think about your own work desk and how you want to have it organized to where everything you need is in reach. You don’t have to walk down the hall just to grab a notebook or reach across the room to grab your phone.

Look at the big picture of your manufacturing floor to see if everything is as organized as it can be to improve efficiency. Even though your changes could just be saving you seconds on a job, those seconds add up quickly when performed hundreds if not thousands of times per week. Organization is an easy place to start for maximum efficiency.

5- Be Realistic

You might have these grand ideas about how your new measures are going to rapidly boost efficiency. Visions of shipping double your product may jump out in your mind and watching as profits climb so high you need a ladder to see where they stop.

While you might have a lot of external factors pressuring you, it’s important to remember that you may not remember to reach these great levels of expectations and that’s OK. Constantly holding goals over your heads and your employee’s heads may result in loss of moral and a general morose attitude over your business.

Be realistic in your goals and make sure to keep expectations in your possible field. Remember to be patient, as it may take weeks, months, or even years to see the payoff.

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