5 Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Business Phone Systems

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If you’ve set up a series of phone system for your business to utilize, you probably expect those systems to “just work” – like clockwork. Therefore, it can understandably come as quite a shock when there’s an abrupt, unexpected outage and you’re fumbling for a fix.

That’s why you might want to assess your infrastructure now, before a costly problem has a chance to emerge.

Here are some questions that could help you to discern whether a change is necessary.

What Phone Hardware Does Your Firm Use – or Need?

Perhaps you have an office-bound system and then a separate system linking together your staffer’s smartphones and tablets, allowing for efficient, on-the-go working. In fact, mobile devices can do so much these days that you might be happy with a virtual phone service relying just on those devices.

Even if you lack desk telephones but need them, Business News Daily points out that you could get them with a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that is internet-ready.

What Communication Methods Does Your Business Use?

This isn’t just a matter of asking yourself whether your staffers use desk-based or mobile handsets. You should also know, for example, where you use them.

Writing for bytestart.co.uk, telecoms specialist Dave Millett recalls once coming across a company with a business broadband package which covered the head office but not the two regional offices.

Millett also implies that, as the average businessperson uses much less than 2GB of monthly data, you should be wary of shelling out for more data than you really need. 

How Much Would You Lose if the System Went Down?

Something else you should be careful not to do is choose a business broadband package simply on price. A decent internet network can’t be run on a shoestring, so it’s no accident that suppliers offering especially inexpensive broadband tend to attract the most complaints.

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Millett highlights one case of a pub choosing cheaper broadband that, subsequently, went down and took days to recover. As the pub relied on online-linked card machines, it missed out on revenue totalling £6,000.

If Your Internet is Lost, How Quickly Could Your Firm Recover?

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to be left in the lurch for days, but you could be if you ill-advisedly sourced your current system from a cheap provider. If you were supplied the router for free, for example, that router could lack security sufficiently guarding against hacking.

Ask your current provider how many outages its network has suffered over the past year and, on average, how long a customer needs to wait for faults to be fixed.

What is Your Current Contract Like?

If your current deal obviously comes short in certain areas, you might want to consider switching to a new provider. Netmatters notes that, though VoIP systems tend to require new hardware, getting your hands on that could help to iron out compatibility creases for your company. Business phone systems by Gamma, meanwhile, can easily be scaled up as your firm’s requirements grow.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.