5 Reasons a Lawyer’s Website Needs SEO

Whether you are a law firm or an attorney, you should not overlook the power of SEO (search engine optimization) to grow your business. The stronger your efforts are to improve your SEO strategy, the more significant your gains will be.

When your website does not appear on top of the first search engine results page, it means your visibility is low. Potential clients looking for your services may go with one of the top-ranking sites.

By implementing SEO, using targeted keywords, and optimizing your website, you can change that. SEO for lawyers is a way to improve the website’s search rankings and gain meaningful online visibility.

96% of people in need of legal advice use the internet to research a lawyer. And, out of those, almost 87% of users hire an attorney. So, it is safe to say that ranking on the top 3 spots of the search results has a higher potential to score more clients.

Here are some significant ways in which SEO can help grow your business.

Establishes Your Market Position

People generally perceive the top-ranking websites as more reliable and trustworthy than those that appear below. Ranking in the #1 place gains you an established position in the market. It builds brand awareness and improves your online visibility.

By posting informative and optimized content, presented engagingly, you can build brand authority—couple this with a strong social media presence to make genuine connections with your audience.

Helps You Get Relevant Traffic

If you are a lawyer with a specialized niche who takes up bizarre or rare issues, you have an advantage over others. You may easily distinguish yourself from others and attract your target audience.

By contrast, a lawyer with a common practice may find it hard to stand out from the crowd. Either way, SEO for lawyers can effectively expand the target audience base and hence can help you boost website traffic.

Brings in More Prospective Clients

By optimizing your website for particular keywords in the legal field, you will attract people looking for those specific services.

Gaining more organic traffic is more effective than paid ad campaigns on social media platforms, as they may not need your services. This way, you can bring in more prospective clients with only half the work.

Improves Your Conversion Rate

As you get more qualified visitors, you have more chances of converting them into paying customers. As SEO works on the web to get you more clients, you can focus on your efforts offline.

Schedule meetings with new clients, do more business development, or prepare more for the cases going to trial – you have more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Generates More Returns on Investment

More traffic and new clients mean you create more money. You may attract the people who did not even realize that they can use a lawyer for their situation.

You can go ahead of your competition by strategically motivating your visitors to take the final step by strategically placing the right calls to action throughout your web pages. Compared to other marketing campaigns, SEO has high ROIs.

Regardless of your objective – to extend your client base or get more web traffic, SEO can help your law business improve your search results rankings.