5 Reasons Bing Advertising is a Must for Small Business

Once upon a time Google Adword had all the market share and so everyone was obsessed about it. But time has changed; Bing comes with almost everything that Google Adwords has. That’s what makes Bing Advertising a must for any small business.

5 Reasons Bing Advertising is a Must for Small Business

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Well, this article will focus on the points that make Bing Advertising an essential for any small business and here it goes:

bing ads a must for small business


1- You Get More Traffic with Bing Ads than Google Adword:

Competition for for keywords on Bing is relatively lower when compared to Google Adwords which means, you get lower bids for your keywords and low cost per click. At the day end, you get more clicks in the same amount you spend on Google Adwords.

2- Bing Allows More Space for Expression:

Bing ads allow 40 characters in ad title while Adwords allow 25 only; so you have more room for expression! The more expressive your ad is, the better CTR you get.

3- Bing Has More Chances for Your Ad to be Shown at Top:

The number of ads on the top of the search result pages is more than that of Google. So, simply if Google shows 3 ads and Bing shows 5 on the search result page and your ad scores for 4th position; you will not get any result on Google but on Bing you have the chance.

4- Better ROI:

Keeping the above points in mind and making sure that you have the best copy of ads according to the keywords, your ROI on Bing Advertising will certainly be higher than that of Adwords.

5- Better Support:

To avail the complete support on your search engine advertising, you must maintain an authority account. To maintain an authority account on Google you should spend at least $500,000 an year while on Bing you can have it all for the total spending of $500 a month.

The Bottom Line:

Even Bing’s search market volume is not as high as Google, but it will be truly unwise to make it a point for not using Bing. You pay only when you get results. So, if you have a budget of $100 for search engine marketing and you are still not sure where to use; split it into two halves and try Bing and Google both to see the difference! For Bing, you can start with a $75 Free Bing Advertising Coupon too!