5 Reasons Why Media.net is Better than Adsense

Is your Google Adsense account disabled or temporarily banned? You may be thinking to appeal, if you have not done it already. But, let me honestly tell you that 99% of these appeals are rejected. Well, Google has it’s own reasons for banning or disabling your Adsense account, the details of which they never explain.

It can be a big setback when you find your Adsense banned, but I’d suggest exploring a better alternative rather than crying over what has happened. And, as per my personal experience, Media.net is the better alternative to Google Adsense, and you must signup for a Media.net Publisher account, even if you are still running Adsense.

Media.net is probably the best choice if you are looking for an authentic contextual ad network that pays fair price for ads displayed on your site.

I am using Media.net for last two years, and I must say that Media.net is way better than Google Adsense. I will explain this in detail and will prove my point.

Let’s see what makes Media.net better than Adsense.

Dedicated Account Manager:

Honestly, I never knew about an account manager before joining Media.net. The most common and biggest problem with Google is that their publisher support system is very poor, i.e. you encounter a problem and you helplessly explore support forums. At times you are lucky to find answer to your query after tens of troublesome hours, and most of the times you do not find any help at all.

Well, this doesn’t just end here; more serious consequences happen like a competitor sends spam traffic to your site and Google bans your account without any notification. You try to appeal and it is rejected without any valid explanation.

Now let me tell you of my experience with Media.net.

Right after my publisher account was approved, I received a mail from my Account Manager who was there to help me with everything, i.e. from ad code placement to revenue optimization strategy. My account manager even called me to make sure things are done the right way. Seriously, I never saw any other big company with that superb support for publishers.

The account manager is normally available during office hours only, however, if there is something urgent, you can always call the regional support center and someone will assist you for urgent support as well.

The difference of the two networks in a nutshell is, “Google is just concerned about making its own money, while Media.net ensures that every publisher in their network makes money while advertisers get targeted results”.

Fair Rules & Clear Policy:

You will find hundreds of Adsense publisher stories in different forums whereby Google banned 6 to 10 years old accounts due to invalid clicks. Well, some of them might have done an invalid activity in actual, but do all of them really did so? Google banned my 7 years old account for invalid activity, just because one day, someone (a competitor) sent spam traffic to the site, and I had option to report it to Google.

Despite appealing with all the relevant proofs they didn’t bother to look into the details and I was told that they took to action to protect advertisers who will be refunded. The amount included the previous month’s earnings as well. (I wish the advertisers would have got the refund).

On the other hand, I have also been an Adword customer for almost equal years, and never in all these years Google refunded a few cents even in my account due to invalid activity. Despite the fact that several times, I suspected invalid activity but Google doesn’t have a support for small Adword customers as well. May be they just do not bother to take care of small scale advertisers’ concerns at all.

On part of Media.net, you can have a sigh of relief. First  of all they have state of the art daily audit system, i.e. the reporting dashboard doesn’t show you any real time clicks and earnings, rather an audit is done at the day end which removes all the ambiguities and your finalized earnings for the day are posted in your dashboard the next day. At times it may take a bit longer; for instance the earnings of January 1st are generally posted on January 2nd, but if it’s taking longer, it may be posted on January 3rd.  But believe me this delay is way better than getting your account banned for illogical reasons.

Moreover, as you have a dedicated account manager you can always report a suspicious activity on your site to them and just in case, if it is a weekend and there’s an urgency, you can always seek help from the support number given to you based on your region.

No Discrimination:

Well, it seems I have discovered more and more good things about Media.net over these years and then I realized the missing blocks in Adsense, and I am writing this much detail.

So yes, it won’t be wrong to say that Google’s 6 months approval policy for some regions (and some countries in particular) is quite discriminating. I mean, good and bad people are found in every corner of the world, and labeling a whole country or region on the basis of the acts of few has never been a good idea.

Regarding the approval process, Media.net approves publishers within 2 to 7 days, regardless of the region, and in case if you do not hear from them in 7 days, you can always contact them via email to check the status of your application and you will surely get a reply (with a valid reason if your application doesn’t qualify).

Complements Other Ad Networks:

Adsense has strict guidelines for placing more content based ads to your pages which restricts your potential earnings to a limited scale, however, Media.net allows you to use other ad networks alongside to maximize the revenues of your site.

2nd Largest Contextual Advertising Network:

Media.net is the 2nd largest contextual advertising network which accumulates both Yahoo! And Bing Contextual Ads Program with a larger pool of advertisers in the world. The network opens up about $6 billion worth of search demand for publishers. So, no matter how broad or selective your niche is, your ad inventory will always be full.

With more and more advertisers joining the marketplace, the competition is ever growing, which means better revenues, as only the most relevant and high paying advertiser will win the bid to place an ad on your site.

So, if you have been thinking that Adsense is the only highly paying ad network, let me tell you from my personal expereince that Media.net pays you equally well and at times better if you have a quality website with vaulable content that your audience loves.


Adsense might be a highest paying network for some niches, but Media.net’s payout is not less by any chance. A network that pays a fair amount with peace of mind is hundred times better than a network that pays highest for a while and screws you most of the time. So, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t give Media.net a try. Being a Media.net publisher for two years, I simply love the performance and quality of the ads and most importantly, there’s no other network that cares about their publishers the way Media.net does.

Media.net is certainly better than Adsense and all you need to do is to CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR MEDIA.NET PUBLISHER ACCOUNT. You will get 10% bonus on your Media.net earnings for three months when you signup using this link.