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5 Reasons Why SEO Should be a Top Priority for Your Business

SEO is one of the essential feathers of Digital Marketing which helps to achieve a website organic results in search engines, i.e. those results/rankings which are non-advertisements. It is an important online ranking method for small, medium and big businesses to get themselves top listings in search engines when someone puts a keyword related to their products and services. It will eventually help to get more people (traffic) on your site and buy your product/services; generating more business to you.

Here are few important reasons why you and every small to big businesses needs SEO.

1- Better Ranking Always Helps Your Credibility

A search engine optimization expert can increase your ranking through simple SEO practices. It does take a lot of effort, but continuous SEO efforts can get your website on top listing within few months. And once you reach the top of the heap you will immediately start understanding the vast business that you will be getting. Various online surveys show that the first 2-3 results on the first Google Search Page (SERP) have more than 80% click-through rate compared to the results after that.

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2- It Helps You to Magnify Your Visibility to the Outside World

Being in the top 10 of the SERP makes you a click away from the rest of the competitors. Your business becomes, brandable, known to the community and easy to reach. For instance, imagine you have got a breakthrough in your business and offer something unique that no other one has. It would be pointless if nobody knows about it. And here comes the SEO. It will help you get online visibility. A successful business is not just about creating value but also means that you should be able to share and distribute it. Having a good presence in the social media will help boost your SEO efforts.

3- It Will Help You Get New Customers

The world has become small in the 21st century. 2017 was small. 2018 will be smaller… Coz’ we all can be reached with or without a click of a button. So, it wouldn’t be wise to keep yourself away from online-potential where all the world is spending-time via laptop or mobile.

So, if your business needs new clients and if you wish to tap new customers then start doing SEO to drive more traffic to your website. You need to start working towards making your site show up in top 10 search results.

4- It Will Always Fit In Your Company’s Budget

One of the best things about SEO is its low cost compared to PPC (advertisements) and long-term benefits.

Yes, the SEO process is slightly slow and needs steady work for at least 3 to 6 months, but with the constant effort, you will get good rankings. Compared to other marketing methods such as PPC (via Adwords or Facebook Ads) SEO is cost effective and provides long-term results.

5- It’s More Than Alive!

Much contrary to what its critics have to say, SEO is not dead. Content marketing (a part of SEO) still reigns supreme, and you cannot hope to be better at your business without an effective SEO strategy. You need to understand that a lot of businesses are not very successful at SEO because either they give up too soon or they use wrong and outdated practices for their website SEO.

However, make sure that you keep yourself up-to-date with of new search engine updates and apply the same to your strategy. The key to success is persistence and dynamism.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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