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5 Simple Website Fixes You Can do During Your Lunch Break

A well designed and optimized business website is an incredibly powerful tool in today’s marketing scene. It is a round-the-clock salesman, which means it can be one of your most powerful assets and the core of your marketing activities.

However, the fast-changing digital trends nowadays can make your website feel outdated and old very often. Although a redesign might be a great option sometimes, you might not have the money or time to invest in such a big project. However, you can make some quick changes to your site to enhance usability and give your visitors a better experience when using your website.

There is no better way to utilize your lunch breaks than to enhance the appearance and usability of your business website. Having some small fixes to your web design can improve the usability of your website and make it more user-friendly without spending money on a complete web redesign.

From formulating effective calls-to-action, locating and fixing inoperable links, and updating existing website and blog content, to checking mobile-optimization and formatting images to enhance the loading speed, these simple actions can easily boost the performance of your website.

You can make the five simple fixes outlined below in a short time, but do not hesitate to use professional website builders. The best thing to do is to check online comparisons from reliable sources and decide which one of them is most suitable. The best thing about all of them is that they are simple, quick, and they can easily fix them.

Your site is the main anchor for all your marketing efforts, and poor usability is not good for business. Usability is determined by how well and easy your site is for internet users to use.

Here are five simple website fixes that you can do during your lunch break to give your visitors a better and more pleasant experience when using your site.

1- Formatting Images to Speed up the Load Time

If your website is not loading at high speed, you are going to lose some prospective customers. One of the easiest and best ways to speed up the loading time of your website is by scaling and compressing all your images.

Resize the pictures to the exact dimensions that will be displayed on the website. Compressing your images is vital for web-based quality, and it also creates less work for the servers when loading every page.

2- Formulating Clear Calls-to-Action

The significance of having simple and easy to understand calls-to-action in your website cannot be overlooked. These are the key component of a result oriented conversion optimization strategy as they direct your visitors on your website and tell them where to go and what to do once they visit the site. These calls-to-action can range from signing up a monthly newsletter or reading a blog post to filling a contact form. To write clear and enticing calls-to-action, you should always start with a strong verb.

Also, remember to be concise because you might have a big space to put your message across. It is also a great idea to utilize some emotive words that evoke enthusiasm and emotion in your site visitors, and using an exclamation mark at the end is a good way to do it. Therefore, you should be creative when formulating your calls-to-action to give the internet users a reason to take some action.

3- Locating and Fixing Broken Links

Broken and nonoperative links are not only annoying, but they also make you look quite unprofessional. They discourage internet users from coming back or spending time on your website. Besides, broken links can also harm your search engine rankings. If you have a smaller website, you can easily check the broken links yourself because it is not a big undertaking. However, if your website is bigger or you’ve got no time to do it, there are numerous tools online that can be of great help.

To find and fix all the broken links on your website, you should go to the homepage of Dr. Link Check and enter your website’s URL. Dr. Link Check’s bot will crawl through the code of your entire website and check every link and later give you a detailed analysis and report. You can schedule these checks regularly, monthly, weekly, or daily as you prefer.


4- Optimizing for the Mobile

Technologies have greatly advanced to meet your requirements to be mobile, and websites are a vital element of this evolution as well. Also, Google is already penalizing websites that are not optimized for mobile gadgets, so site responsiveness is even more important. That is maybe the single-most best way in which you can enhance the usability of your website.

Your company website must be easy to navigate and mobile-friendly regardless of the device being used. People visiting your website from a mobile gadget should have a similar smooth experience as individuals using a PC to view your pages. Having a mobile-optimized site is essential because it makes you look credible to influencers and customers in your industry. Performing a mobile-optimization check does not take a lot of time, and you can easily implement the recommended changes if the check shows any problems.


5. Updating an Outdated Content

The main reason for updating old blog posts and outdated webpages is to boost your search engine rankings. One of the best strategies that you can use is to keep writing and producing a lot of more quality content. However, doing that is complicated, and it also takes a lot of time. Rather than generating new content each time, you can make some small updates to your existing content because it takes less effort and delivers quick results.

In reality, original content slowly becomes less and less relevant and fresh, which among the main factors Google utilizes to assess the quality of your website. To boost your website traffic and increase your SEO efforts effectiveness, you can update your existing content and earn yourself a new and improved freshness score. When you tell the search engines that your content is fresh, you will receive a spike in visitors’ traffic, which makes the small amount of work done worth it.

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