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5 Steps to Follow While Looking for Free CNA Training

In America, the entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever, and the requirement for healthcare professionals is on the rise which creates a plenty of opportunities to start your own business in healthcare.

For instance, almost every other family has an elderly family member who requires proper care and medical assistance, however, often, people do not wish their parent or grandparent to leave their home and move to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. But, they can also not be available to assist them personally due to professional commitments. This is where they look for a CNA.

As a certified nursing assistant, or CNA, you may reach out these families who require your expertise in helping family members with daily living activities. It may be a long term requirement to take care of an elderly family member or a short term care services for someone to recover from surgery or provide consulting services that teach people to perform self-care.

The first thing obviously is to get certified and this will cost some money but if you can’t afford the costs, there are many other ways to get certified. Free CAN certification and training are becoming popular and more people are opting to minimize or completely waive off their tuition fee. If you too are looking for the aforementioned, following are the steps to follow:

1- Look for Nursing Homes or Similar Organizations

There are many nursing homes, medical businesses, NGOs and organizations of similar kind who offer free CNA training. Therefore, first look if any of the aforementioned offer on the job training programs and certifications free of cost. These organizations however do expect some kind of payback in kind, if not cash. Most of them therefore will make you sign an agreement form to ensure you pay them back by doing volunteer work for them. There is nothing like a completely free of charge CNA training in most places and therefore don’t dismiss nursing homes and similar organizations if you are not willing to work after completing your training and certification.

2- The Internet Is a Great Help

There is almost nothing that can’t be learned online and this is the case for CNA training and certification programs too. A simple Google search will yield a lot of results easily on this topic. There are many online programs and certification courses you take up online. Many of them are free and do not require any kind of payment and others are paid courses from reputed institutes around the world. If you are worried about the authenticity of these courses, you can ask for certification from the online institute itself. You can even research accordingly if you do decide to take up free CNA training.

3- State Department of Health Has Many Opportunities to Offer

Another great option will be to look at your State department of health’s website or visit them personally. Similar to nursing homes, they too offer many opportunities to people aspiring to work in the medical field. They offer free CNA certifications, scholarships etc. There is also a lack of awareness and therefore not many people apply for the aforementioned. This is why theses scholarships and free CNA certification programs are easier to avail.

4- The US Defense Department Might Be an Option for Some

This is only applicable for people working in the military in some capacity and their spouses. The US Defense Department gives free education to the aforementioned and this way you can easily get a free CNA training from some of the most reputed institutes in the country—free of cost. There is also an option of using the option of a reduced tuition fee.

5- Only Look for Reputed Courses

Free CNA certification and training is a popular option that has a high demand. Therefore, there are many fraudulent institutes offering CNA training courses. You need to be really careful while short listing your options and therefore it is advisable to only look for institutes that are a reputable and well known. This way you can avoid being the victim of fraud.

The above were some steps to take while looking for free CNA training courses. We hope that you found them useful and now are ready to start your own free certification and training course. Do comment to let us know your thoughts!

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