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5 Strategic SEO Tips for Startups to Gain Visibility Faster

Starting out on any journey can be both exciting and daunting. Venture into most startupsand you will probably find a bright team, a trendy communal office and most definitely a buzz of excitement. But the truth is that over 90% of startups fail.

Part of this failure is due to a lack of strategizing, particularly on digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).For example, your startup might have a clean and crisp site, but it can be useless if nobody can find your business online.By using these 5 simple tricks, you can set out an effective SEO strategy that will see you thrive rather than simply survive.

1. Carry out Your Market Research

No business can really perform without the right research, and startups are no exception. When carrying out research for an SEO strategy, its vital to establish your target audience. Consider not only what keywords suit your audience, but also how your audience interacts with technology and the internet.

For example, older or more casual internet users tend to rely on native browsers such as Internet Explorer, therefore optimizing for search engines like Bing should not be ignored. Ignoring this portion of your users is ineffective and you could miss out on establishing a solid customer base.

Similarly, if your target market is based in multilingual regions such as Europe or Canada, conducting keyword and demographic research for more than one language might be key to reaching your market.

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2. Identify Your Competitors

Go a step further when researching and scope out any potential competitors. Many startups fall victim to trying to enter a market that is surprisingly saturated, or dominated by a bigger and more established competitor. If you encounter this, do not lose hope.

Search engines will always prioritize its users rather than the websites themselves. Factors such as having quality content, a solid user experience (UX) and being location-specific are now the new bread and butter for a great SEO strategy. In fact, many smaller businesses easily outrank larger competitors by optimizing their services on local tools such as Google My Business to offer highly relevant content to users.

3. Stay Ahead of the Trends

The beauty of a startup is the drive to innovate. SEO is no stranger to innovation as search engines never cease to update their algorithms or consider new user trends such as voice search. For larger and established businesses, it’s very easy to fall behind on optimization due to a lack of communication and the tendency to feel ‘comfortable’ or even stuck with a digital marketing strategy.

Your startup however has a golden opportunity to benefit from a fresh passion to grow and experiment. Inspire your team to stay up to date with SEO journals, blogs and conferences and work together on forming the best strategy.

4. Be Patient

As you have may heard before, SEO is a marathon rather than a sprint. Results from search engine optimization strategies do not appear overnight. In reality, it can take several months before you start seeing any improvements. While you might want to change your tactics, be wary of rushing through different SEO strategies and approaches without giving them time to work their magic. Using analytics software over several monthsis a great way to evaluate whether a strategy is successful or not.

5. Let Social Media Help

While SEO techniques are ever evolving and the results for becoming established online take time, social media can offer a short-term boost. Keeping on top of your social media is a great way to encourage leads to your website or online store. Whether that’s through launching paid advertisements through platforms such as Facebook Ad Manager, or simply through creating viral content, your social media acts as a gateway to your potential customers. Use it to your advantage.

Get Help with Your SEO Strategy

Overall, SEO and startups have a lot in common. When it comes to gaining success, both need to balance out passion and the desire to consistently innovate with exercising patience and carrying out the right research. If you are finding the process complicated or want more guidance on how to do SEO for startups, consider hiring an SEO agency today to give you the right guidance.

The best agencies follow the best practices and use their expertise to help you make a real stand in the market online. Whichever way you choose to begin your journey with SEO, staying updated with the latest techniques is crucial for maximizing on your efficiency.

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