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5 Tech Essentials Your Home Office Must Have

Working from home used to be the ultimate in exclusive work perks, reserved for company executives who did as they pleased. Nowadays, thanks to the rise of smart technology and the internet of things, home working is not only widespread, but actively encouraged by businesses looking to get the most from their team.

You may even be in a situation where you find yourself working from home more often than not, in which case you’ll want to create a space that is conducive to a truly productive day.

While you’ve probably got the basics down, here are five pieces of tech that will revolutionise your home office experience.

1- A high-end router

Pretty much everyone out there is running off the router provided for them by their internet supplier, so you might not know you can go out and buy a much higher standard piece of kit.

Good routers can cost into the hundreds, but you’ll enjoy a significant boost in the speed, range and stability of your connection, which will also be capable of handling a full house of smart tech with consummate ease.

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2- A pro webcam

A key factor in the rise of ‘work from anywhere’ offices is the increase in communication options that are accessible from wherever you may be. If you work in a realm where face-to-face collaboration is important, installing a high-quality webcam in your home is a must.

Let’s face it, a pixelated, jumpy picture is a great way to ruin a professional call and put off someone you’re trying to impress, so investing in a top-level webcam makes plenty of sense.

3- A quality keyboard

There’s a good chance you’ll be working off a laptop whilst at home. While laptop keyboards are serviceable, they might not last for long if used for daily work.

A Mac or laptop suitable keyboard will offer a significant upgrade in feel and longevity on your default, and once you’ve tried a good keyboard, you won’t want to go back.

4- Some nifty cable holders

Moving away from bigger money buys, there are a couple of clever little practical solutions to add to your home office design and make a huge difference. The pick of the bunch are some silicone cable holders to keep your key wires in place.

Very simple yet very, very effective, they could be the best buy of the lot. Just remember the last time your charger wire slipped down the back of the cabinet and you spent five painful minutes under the desk worming the wire back to where it should be. This never has to be you again.

5- A Good Speaker

Finally, consider adding a few touches to your home office that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy at work. A perfect example is introducing a quality speaker, so you can wind down with some calming music or use some pumping tunes to up your work rate.

Choosing a speaker with built in home assistant features means it can double up as a helping hand in your times of need.

Creating an enjoyable, yet efficient work environment is a good start on your way to making working from home as productive as possible. Of course, if you’re trying to carefully manage your budget, you don’t have to invest in the pricier items. From cable holders to a nice plant in the corner, there are plenty of ways you can boost your home office without busting your budget.

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