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5 Technologies That Are Going to Shape Up the Industry in 2023

Every year introduces a new technological craze that takes the world by storm. Sometimes, these new technological advances are developed versions of tools we’ve been using all along. Whether they stay for years to come or end up being another passing fad depends on the industries that need them most.

As 2023 approaches, it would be wise to brace ourselves for the new wave of tech to come in. Listed below are just a few advances that are bound to shake up the way we do business. Some of these may have been talked about in articles before, while others are completely new. How soon you might be willing to adopt these new conventions will depend on your business’ aptitude in the catered fields.

1- The Internet of Things

Phones aren’t the only items in your office that are considered “smart.” Your car, security alarms, and even home appliances can be synced up in a sort of physical network. This “Internet of Things” provides users with a well-rounded information-gathering experience. The early adopter may enjoy a reduction in waste and equipment downtime. The trade-off, however, would come at the expense of security.

2- Blockchain-Based Security

We groan every time we have to change our passwords or pass a Captcha test. But, these are necessary measures to prevent a breach of valuable data. Blockchain is emerging from it’s cryptocurrency shopping websites are already implementing blockchain-based protections. These new security systems provide untraceable, but encrypted, data that can be shared only with allowed businesses.

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3- Cloud Containers

Tech companies have made easy money off the production of physical data storage products. Once the Cloud went online, people were dumping external hard drives with limited capacity for storage limited only by your budget. Cloud storage also gives businesses the ability to pull data at an instant or quick analysis.

4- Immersive Experiences

When looking up business listings on Google, you might’ve double-checked their locations on Maps for the satellite view of their physical location. Immersive media platforms go a step beyond a digital snapshot of the neighborhood and let you explore the location without leaving your office.

Through augmented reality, you and your staff can tour a manufacturing plant without having to leave the meeting room. Service technicians will be amazed by how AR can deliver views of internal peripheral errors and provide secure repair references tailored to the problem at hand.

5- Stronger 3-D Printing

3-D printing sounded too good to be true as it was being slowly adopted in academic circles. Beyond academia, 3-D printers have found homes in the toy, jewelry, and craft departments. Most of their output often relied on plastic materials that came in varying degrees of durability.

HP plans to roll out their metal printing 300/500 Jet Printers later this year. Industry giants like GE and Nike have already gotten a jump using this technology to print smaller metal components of their products. These innovations will demonstrate the evolution of 3-D printing capabilities and cut manufacturing costs in half.

The Bottom Line

Well, the above five are only a few of the technologies that are going to shape our future, and there will be tens of other technologies with significant advances, i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics, Autonomous Cars, Data Science, Space Technologies, and so on. And, there may be many other new technologies that can emerge in the year 2019.

Digital awareness is the only way to save yourself from lagging behind and keeping up with the pace with which the world is changing. So, stay tuned and keep yourself updated!

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.