5 Things a Low Budget Startup Should Do to Dramatically Enhance Its Online Presence

Think about how much your business accomplishes in a day. You might notice that your greatest successes really come from weeks or months of hard work, in fact. There is rarely one day that changed everything. Building an impactful and profitable online presence is the same.

It requires your attention and intention continuously, for the life of your business. And in case of a startup with a limited marketing and promotion budget, you really need to act smart along with hard work. That said, here are five tips that can make online accolades less of a hassle, especially when you are at the very threshold of your new venture.

1- Set up a Solid Foundation

There are numerous ways to get off on the right foot. In the first place, you may consider consulting a digital transformation agency. Ultimately, outsourcing analysis and strategy formulation can improve your actual business as much as it does your online presence.

But at the very least, you must begin with your best possible website or landing page. When we lure people to us, we cannot lose them to latency, poor SEO, incomplete information, and muddy navigation. That is the ultimate rookie mistake.

2- Think Local, Too

The greatest part of a stellar online presence is that we can reach people all over the world. But if we have a brick and mortar, or serve people in our area, we also want to put effort into local optimization. So go ahead and hop on the most popular directories. Google My Business, Yelp, CitySearch, and Facebook are good places to start.

3- Draw People Closer

We can think of all types of businesses who tick every box online – except for this one. You must make the audience feel as though they can trust, relate, or rely on you in some way. That’s why it’s important to partner up with others, appear as a guest on blogs and other types of media, and interact with people online.

If you don’t, people scrolling by will eventually wonder who you’re talking to, because it certainly isn’t them.

4- Produce Content Consistently

You know you have to produce shareable content. The real barrier to success here is producing enough of it. Chances are, not every post will go viral. Really, not every post will even convert. But focusing on valuable content and churning it out regularly is essential. Start generating it well in advance, and absolutely hire help here if you suspect for a moment that it’s warranted.

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5- Keep Tabs on Every Effort

Ask anyone who knows anything about SEO, and they will tell you that it’s the polar opposite of a set-it-and-forget-it effort. Every strategy or trick you deploy must be measured for success, improved upon, or tossed out in favor of a new one. Think of yourself as an online shapeshifter, always fine tuning and cleverly transforming into that which is most beneficial based on the data you’ve received. Do not get attached to one platform, one content format, or a specific set of tools.

The Bottom Line:

Persistence and patience pay off when it comes to your presence. In the end, it’s really like many other healthy relationships; building trust and sharing information about yourself over time. In addition, we just have to ensure people can see it, and from there, it’s all about content, analysis, and a drive to succeed.