5 Things to Know About Net Promoter Score

You know what has become a corporate metric? Net Promoter Scores. This is all about using metrics to improve user experience that the company is obliged to provide. It measures customer loyalty amongst other things. To know more about this system, here are five things about Net Promoter Score.

It Is Simple, Yet Efficient

1- When you hear the term Net Promoter Score, you’ll probably think it’s pretty complicated. That however, is not the case. In fact, the system is used so often because of the simplicity that is exhibits. First of all, it uses a percentage system. This is very convenient to executives and people in charge of the company rather than adding all the unnecessary math to the monthly meeting. To make it easier, they refer to it as a “score”. Think of it more like a net income and it will be better to understand.

2- One Question Only

We’re sure you must have come across these questions at least once. On the video sharing website YouTube, ads sometimes come in the form of a survey. This “survey” has only one question. Like this, the company asks how much would you recommend their product to someone you know. This determines your perception of the product even more as it shows that it works and you’d want someone else to benefit from it as well.

The responses are divided into three sections, the promoters, passives and detractors. Responses range from 9-10, 7-8 and 0-6 respectively. Now, how the procedure is done is as follows. The Net Promoter Score is obtained by subtracting the proportion of detractors from that of the promoters and then converting it to a percentage.

3- Gets the Company Thinking

It is quite an advantage that having Net Promoter Score systems actually gets the company thinking about the view of the customers. It shows that they are concerned about the metrics given by the customers. What we mean to say is, that the income isn’t always the only good thing.

Sure, it determines the status of the company but it does so only for a short period of time. In the long run, customer metrics can actually determine their loyalty. It can also determine whether people would invest in your company in the future or not. The constant feedback through Net Promoter Score will ensure that your customers are satisfied and stay loyal to the company.

4- Focus on The Bigger Picture & Cause

NPS Score might be a good way to find out how loyal your customers are, but it might not be wise to focus only on that. Don’t check the metrics for the month and say that we’re good to go. This might cause repercussions for the company and its future. The reason we say this, is because although NPS is good, it does not really give out the cause of the customers feeling a particular way.

Find out the cause of it by maybe adding some candidate questions to your short survey. This way, you actually know what the problem is. You and your company can then work out a way to mend it so as to ensure the customers are relieved of the problem.

5- Question the Detractors

Asking “why?” to the detractors is important. This is because you can find out ways to improve. Maybe the detractor thinks that the company lacks in some way. This may be with respect to the product itself or the entire company or brand as a whole. Detractors are those who vote about 0-6%.

By asking them why, they can give you a brief explanation as to why they feel the way they do. Some may be relevant answers and some might not be. Regardless, all of them shall benefit the company in some way.