5 Thoughtful Gifts Your Employees Would Love

Employees play the key role in the life of any businesses. They are the ones who provide their service, time, skills, and talents and as a result you witness the growth of the company. So, it is crucial to keep your employees motivated and happy.

Though there can be tens of ideas for keeping a startup team motivated, but presenting them a unique and personalized gift can be really exciting. This special treat is something that they would surely love. With this simple act of kindness, you can express your gratitude to them and tell them that they mean so much to you.

If you wish to go beyond the traditional box of chocolates and thank you notes, you can check out this article. This will provide the top five thoughtful gifts your employees would love:

1- Desk Clock

One of the best gifts that you can have for your employee is the desk clock. Despite the fact that our smartphones have everything in them, i.e. from an awesome camera to an accurate clock, the desk clock with a personalized message on it is a great way to show your employee that how much their efforts mean to the organization.

With this, you can enable your staffs to synchronize their schedule with the office. This can also remind them to avoid being late during meetings and business presentations.

You can opt for traditional or digital desk clocks from https://www.giftmarket.com.sg/ for your employees. In addition, the desk clock can enhance office space. If you are particular about the office space, then you should be conscious of how it looks.

2- Planner

There are various gadgets and apps that will increase your productivity. But if you wish to make the most of your time, you can invest in giving away a paper planner as a token of appreciation. With a planner, your employee can track their schedule. They can be able to write their goals and thoughts in one place. And, as researches show, you remember things more when you write them down!

In choosing a planner, make sure that it comes with inspirational quotes or design. Your employee will be using it every day, thus, it will not hurt if you invest in something aesthetically nice.

3- Luggage Tags

For your employees who either love traveling after work, or have travel as a part of their job, you can have some cool luggage tags for them. With an identifiable tag, a traveler can easily spot his luggage among thousands of bags. Without a tag, traveler’s personal belongings could end up in somebody’s possessions. Worse, it can end up on another flight unto another country. 

Luggage tags are affordable. You can even give this to large teams. Make sure that the tags that you are giving away are easy to recognize, easy to see, and can be attached securely on the bag. Make sure that you buy unique tags for each employee of your company.

4- Water Tumbler or Bottle

Another thoughtful and eco-friendly gift that you can share is the water tumbler or bottle. Each year, billions of water plastic end up in the oceans. It forms islands made of trash which affects the marine ecosystem.

To alleviate this problem, we can use reusable water bottles from Gift Market. Thus, in your office, you can give away water tumbler or bottle to your employee as part of your company’s effort to help the Mother Earth.

Moreover, with the use of water tumblers, you are allowing your employees to save money. This is because constantly buying disposable water bottles is costly than refilling the water from your tumblers.

5- Gift Cards

Finally, give gift cards to your employees and they will surely appreciate it. If you cannot recall what your employee loves, then you can present him instead with gift cards. Send it with a personal note of how thankful you are for his service in the company.

The Bottom Line:

It’s not always a pay raise that motivates your employees, but a new way to make them feel special. Allow these budget gift ideas to be part of your motivation strategy, and your employees will surely surprise you with their performance.