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5 Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs to Keep their Back Healthy While at Work

Back injuries are one of the most common reasons injuries sustained by people at desk work. They are at risk of a back injury. This type of injury can occur as a result of a strain, a fall, or sitting for prolonged periods in the wrong chair. Most people think back injuries happen because they lifted something that was too heavy or they had a slip and fall. In reality, back injuries can occur from something as simple as moving the wrong way while reaching for a pen. This is why it is very important to protect your back while at work.

Ways to Keep Your Back Healthy Even While Working

Scientific research shows a clear link between sitting all day and an increased risk of several chronic illnesses and diseases. Known as Metabolic Syndrome, this term includes type 2 diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure. In addition to leaving you vulnerable to these chronic conditions, sitting all day can also create problems with your spinal health.

If you must sit at a desk for an extended time, take regular breaks and move around. Stretch your spine and stand up straight. Even if you can replace your desk with stand up desk or adjustable desk to prevent back pain if you’re already coping with back pain, consider natural remedies for alleviation. A lot of people are finding CBD pain relief products to be quite helpful.

However, if you have some sort of aversion to CBD, there are plenty of all-natural remedies that show great promise including Ginger root, Echinacea, and even clove oil. Believe it or not, there are even more alternatives to try. Let’s take a look at five other ways to keep your spine healthy, even if you sit all day at work.

1- Keep Moving

Whether you fidget while sitting or get up and move around, movement helps avoid back injuries. Tapping your feet, shifting position, and getting up to stretch are all good ways to increase spine flexibility and build muscle strength.

2- Work at a Standing Desk

A standing desk is one of the very best ways to keep your back strong and prevent back injuries. Even if you must work at a desk all day, working a few hours while standing can reduce lower back pain and help you keep a healthy spine. Standing helps reduce pressure on the lower spine and has even been known to help with creativity and clear thinking. 

3- Watch Your Posture

No matter if you’re standing, sitting, or moving around, always be conscious of your posture. Sit up straight and pull your shoulders back. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel. Focus on keeping your back up against the back support in your chair. It is also best to position your computer between your waist and your chin.

4- Lift By Pushing, Not Pulling

If you must lift heavy loads, push the load as you pick it up instead of pulling it. Pushing uses your legs and arms instead of your back. Employees often have to move office furniture or carry boxes or heavy files. Pushing heavy objects helps prevent back strain and back injuries. Our advice is that if you are not familiar with this fundamental and will be lifting objects often, then manual handling training could be a good idea.

5- Orthotics for Your Feet

Foot orthotics can provide significant relief from foot pain. They can be especially helpful following a back injury. Finding the right orthotic doesn’t have to be expensive. They are often available at a store that specializes in running shoes or good exercise shoes. They fit into your shoe and can provide almost instant relief from foot pain.


No one wants to deal with a back injury, especially if it means time lost from work. If you spend your day sitting at a desk or lifting heavy objects, keeping these tips in mind can help you prevent a back injury. A healthy back is important to good overall health, so follow this advice and keep your back healthy.

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