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5 Tips for Designing an Award for Your Event

It is no brainer that presenting your employees with a trophy is one of the best ways to appreciate them for exemplary work or their effort in what they’ve done. It is even much more memorable and cooler if you got the trophy custom-made.

This ensures that the trophies are only associated with your event or awards, and no other people have such – making the winners feel special.

There are endless ways to create custom trophies that the recipients will forever treasure. They can be designed in almost any shape, size, color, or material that you want, making this entire process quite daunting to many people.

To help you out, here are five tips to use when you want to design an award trophy for your event.

5 Tips for Designing an Award for Your Event

1- Incorporate an Image that Represents Your Brand

Before you settle on the design of the award you’ll be taking, you should also consider the image that it represents, even to someone seeing it for the first time and has no idea about your brand. If you’re to present the trophy to an athlete, ensure that the image it portrays is related to the event, or your brand.

For instance, the famous ‘Golden boot’ award is presented to footballers that have shown exemplary skills. The award is shaped like a soccer boot. The same case goes to the Oscars trophies, the FIFA world cup, etc. You’ll not find any of the famous awards having images that do not represent them in any way. 

You should also ensure that you incorporate images that represent your brand when going for custom awards trophies.

2- Design the Award in a Unique Shape

It is now much easier to design trophies in any shapes we want. Therefore, do not limit yourself to the traditional designs as they might not make the recipients (or the occasion) special. The award can be tailored to represent:

  • An accomplishment or nature of the award
  • The title or occasion of the ceremony
  • The environment where the awards are presented
  • The recipient’s personality

3- Add More Personal Details

Many a time will you find the recipient’s name engraved on the trophy. But what about the other details that will help them to remember that special occasion? This is why it is also advisable to help them to commemorate that day by inscribing more personal details on the trophy such as:

  • The day/date presented
  • The role played or the name of the award of the recipient.

4- Include a Photo

To make them even more visually appealing, designers can include photos into the trophies. They can be the company logo, the pictures of the recipients, a unique image that marks the event, etc. Adding a photo to a custom trophy can be fun, and not forgetting its sentimental touch as they can impact the emotions and feelings of years to come.

5- Select the Best Material

When creating the perfect trophies, you ought to keep your budget in mind, especially when thinking of the material to be used. You have a wide range to select from, e.g. glass, acrylic, leatherette, or the use of more expensive materials such as gold.

No matter what you choose, you have to get the professionals to do it for you, enabling you to create amazing memories.

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