5 Tips for Highly Effective Direct Mail Marketing

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Direct mail is often overlooked as a form of marketing in this internet age. However, it still is remarkably successful when done correctly. Here are some ways to do just that – take a look at these great tips from Whistl.

Here goes the list of tips with which you can make most out of your direct mail marketing efforts!

1- Know the Audience You Are Targeting and Address them Directly

By harvesting data and performing a thorough market search you will be able have a good idea of who your target customers are, where they reside, their age, an average of their income etc. Many times you will find out that you can target customers in more than one demographic so making sure that your communications are tailored to those specific criteria will guarantee good communication between you and your customers.

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From the language used, the envelope design, the letterheads etc. you should take everything into consideration. You want to adhere to your company brand and concept while at the same time really reaching your customers.

2- Provide Your Target Clients with Incentives

You can no longer just promote your services or products and keep your fingers crossed that they will be interested in simply purchasing what you have to offer. A great way to really get a new client’s attention is by offering a few incentives such as free rewards and gifts, discounts etc.

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Make sure that from the get go the mail you’re sending your clients is catchy and relevant, you want to inform them in a way they will remember and be drawn in.

3- Be Different 

It is a fact that most homes receive on a weekly basis endless amounts of mail, pamphlets, promotions, offers etc. If you do not want the fate of your mail to be the garbage then you want it to really stand out and exalt your company, really catch their attention.

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Colored envelopes is a great strategy to elucidate your messages and really appeal to your target clients. Having a printed envelope with a short and to the point message as well as your logo can really go a long way in getting their attention and placing you above your competition.

4- Always Use High Quality Materials

A direct mail campaign can be a bit pricey, unfortunately many companies opt to save money by cutting expenses with printers, envelopes, paper etc. This is something to be careful with as poor quality materials may indicate a poor quality business and no client wants to deal with that. If your direct mail is high quality it will look great and reflect the quality of your company. Here are some more good tips.

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5- Don’t Forget to Follow Up

If you are not following up on those whom you mailed to you will never really know how well your marketing campaigns have done. You will not know who truly opened your mail, who was interested and who became a client.

There are a few ways to follow up on a marketing campaign the best options are a direct phone call or email communications but it can be a bit pricey as well as time consuming.

follow up call

If you want to go a more cost effective route of conversion rate tracking you can always use sign ups, newsletters, discount codes and coupon redemption. Many times in marketing we have to make mistakes that we can learn from and improve on so an easy to follow system for following up is essential.

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