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5 Tips for Utilizing Design in Digital Marketing Strategies

The simplest way to make a strong impression on your audience is to attack them from all sides. Besides just stimulating their mind with a text or an audio recording, you can completely overwhelm your audience by giving them impressive visuals to focus on. When it comes to it, there’s nothing more important for the immersion than the visual appeal of your content (and your brand, in general).

This is something that can give you a much easier way of utilizing design in digital marketing strategies, as well as open up new options when it comes to advertising. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several tips for utilizing design in digital marketing strategies.

1- Instrumental for graphics formats

When it comes to content marketing, you need to understand that a lot of people dread the idea of reading through a massive wall of text. It’s just the way it is and the statistic that 8 out of 10 people won’t read past the headline still stands. Those who are willing to skim through the text are probably more interested in viewing a video or looking at an infographic. Here, they will get a visual backup, which will help them understand the point that you’re trying to make, to begin with.

Even a simple ratio like the one we used above (with 8 out of 10 people who won’t read past the headline) is easier to grasp (and memorize) when portrayed in a graphic form.

2- It helps you be different

Without a custom animation for your website, you’ll have to rely on stock photos and videos to attract traffic to your website, which is both generic and demanding in terms of resources. A high-resolution image or video takes a long time to load, which might drastically impact your bottom line.

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On the other hand, a design of your own making can be interesting, unique and light at the same time. This helps you achieve all that you’ve aspired to do and more. Needless to say, being unique while maintaining the responsiveness of your website at the same time is a recipe for success, if there ever was one.

3- More efficient digital marketing in general

A lot of people look at marketing as a stand-alone issue and attribute the increase in traffic, conversion rates and sales exclusively to the efficiency of your marketing team/efforts. This, of course, is as far from the truth as it gets. You see, if your website is poorly designed and the content on your blog is of low quality, your business won’t have that great of an effect.

In other words, what you need to do is make sure that the design is up to the task before you start considering advertising. It’s also for the best to work with local services, which is why, if you run an NSW-based enterprise, your best choice is to find a Sydney advertising agency to work with.

4- Creative typography

The issue of typography is incredibly important, seeing as how it draws the attention of your audience to the areas that you wish them to focus on. Previously, we’ve discussed the horrifying statistic about people’s reluctance to read. Still, if you make the message in a unique font, their own subconsciousness will start working in your favour and begin drawing their attention towards that area.

It will also increase the chance that they’ll memorize what they’ve read (provided that the message isn’t incredibly long or poorly written). Being able to memorize your message is the most important thing when it comes to transcending from brand awareness to brand recognition.

5- An illusion of 3D

So far, we’ve already talked about responsiveness for several times. Now, the main problem with minimalism lies in the fact that your audience has already grown accustomed to certain styles, formats and standards. For instance, they may insist on 3D, while you, as a website owner, may have concerns on how your domain will handle this format.

Fortunately, a skilled designer can create an illusion of 3D by using three-dimensional styles and typography. This means that while you’re still using 2D, the end result and customer satisfaction are, more or less, the same. This doesn’t go just for your website but for visual posts for social media, as well.


To put it simply, the great design of your brand can be used in order to make your brand’s presence on the global market more respectable. Regardless of which digital marketing strategies you get to employ in the future, being able to make a strong first impression is always a good idea.

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