5 Tips on How to be Good at Sales

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Sales is the lifeblood of a business; if your business doesn’t generate enough sales revenue, it simply cannot live longer.

Whether you are a one man company or have a team to work along, sales require a dedicated person/team. If you are a solopreneur, ideally you should outsource everything else and focus on sales yourself. Otherwise, you may want to hire a dedicated and skillful sales person or a team.

There are many sales representatives out there that will tell you how to be good at sales. I have personally been in classes and training sessions that have preached about going out and soaking up the money or getting that hard close. The truth is this is an outdated concept that does not build the relationships that can create lasting pipelines of customers and paychecks.

Learning how to be good at sales in today’s society requires much more skill and awareness than being a good closer or a master of persuasion.

This article will discuss 5 essential tips that have created success for many startups and small businesses.

Let’s look at five tips on how to be good at sales.

Tip one: Have the right mindset before you present it to a client

I have worked with and trained many salespeople over the last 25 years. The one common thing I have observed before a sales presentation or sales call is that people do not engage in the proper mindset. I have seen people in bad moods, talking about problems at home, complaining about bad customers, and the list goes on.

Your mind needs to be thinking of the sale. More importantly, your mind needs to be thinking about how to serve the client and solve their problem. Don’t concern yourself with the close or the offer right away, think more about serving the client and solving their problems. This will set you up for more success out of the gate.

Tip two: Treat the client like someone you love.

When you make the phone call or you walk into meet the client, treat them like someone you love. It may sound crazy to some, but this tip changed the landscape of sales for me. Think about it, a salesperson approaches you to sell a product or service.

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They show honest and sincere appreciation and have a genuine concern for meeting your needs. How does that make you feel? I am guessing it makes you feel great! Remember that people buy from friends, not salespeople.

Tip three: Listen to what the client needs

I was guilty of not doing this in my earlier years in sales. It is easy to be so concerned with the presentation and close that we may forget to listen to the client’s needs. If we do not listen to the client’s needs, then we could not know if the product or service we have will meet their needs.

Listen intently and gather the information to match up what you have that can match what they need.

Tip four: Sell them only what they need

I once worked for a cell phone company and watched a guy convince an elderly lady that she needed a premium data plan on her flip phone. I was disgusted by this! We can make a big sale today by overselling our customers but, will they stay for tomorrow?

First, the problem is it doesn’t take long for a customer to realize that they were oversold. Next, once they realize they were oversold they begin to resent you and the company.

Finally, they may stick around through the duration of the contract, but you can bet they will cancel or return as soon as it is possible. Selling a client only what they need can make the difference between one quick cash out and a happy lifetime customer.

Tip five: Follow up and see how the customer is doing

Following up can be overlooked when it comes to understanding how to be good at sales. I have had salespeople tell me the follow up is not part of the sales process. While this is understood, I have found that it plays an enormous part in sales satisfaction and retention.

It is recommended to do follow up calls and or emails to all my clients a week after their purchase. I can assure you this is worth your time. The value you give by caring for your customers will be reciprocated by great reviews of you and your product. It will also spread by word of mouth. This is a valuable third-party edification of your sales skills.

Education on selling is important!

These are just five of the many important tips on how to be good at sales. I encourage you to seek out the best online sales training to improve your abilities to sell. The world can never have enough good salespeople. Keep perfecting your skills and well wishes to you on your journey!

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